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Clayton Bypass Ahead of Schedule

Posted April 1, 2008

— Work on the U.S. Highway 70 Bypass around Clayton could be finished as early as mid-July – almost a year ahead of schedule – according to the state Department of Transportation.

The $123.5 million project, which stretches almost 11 miles from Interstate 40 at the Wake-Johnston county line east toward Smithfield, was supposed to be completed by June 2009. A DOT spokesman said good weather has allowed crews to move the expected completion date to July 15.

Work began on the project in June 2005, and it was more than 96 percent complete Tuesday, the spokesman said. When it opens, the highway is expected to speed beach traffic from the Triangle and shorten the daily commute for many Johnston County residents who work in Raleigh, Durham and Research Triangle Park.


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  • robertofthecats Apr 3, 2008

    Glad that they're ahead of schedule. Clayton is an awful mess to drive through.

    The US 70 now through Clayton was a bypass around the old highway through downtown Clayton and Garner. Now it's the problem. This new bypass could be the same too in a few years.

    I'm not saying that the bypass is bad, but it's only a temporary fix. Public transit would be cheaper in the long run than building highway after highway. Both are needed and should be worked on, but short-sightedness is going to cost us all.

    Try riding a bus to a job from Johnston county some time. It isn't even possible.

  • US VET Apr 1, 2008

    Thank goodness . Now if we could only bypass I40 around raleigh..

  • wralfan Apr 1, 2008

    They say this now... but wait until the paving starts cracking and they have to do it all over again two months later.

  • RocknRollDoctor Apr 1, 2008

    It's called the TIP (Transportation Improvement Plan). It's the master plan for scheduling projects and aligning funding to be there when needed. It's not etched in stone. Priorities change.

    The biggest problem is that the Feds have been witholding funds from the states. I believe it was to the tune of 122 billion last year. The fact is that in times of war funds are diverted from they usual purposes.

  • I guess I will just type this Apr 1, 2008

    How do they start and finish new projects (and with what funding) before old ones; wasn't 540 to be completed by now, and w/o tolls? that's right, knightdale and clayton are getting that money, along with the repave of the repave in durham/chapel hill i-40 section...

  • Bob Sidel Apr 1, 2008

    nice job by the DOT, you cant please all the spoon fed cry babies in the state

  • RocknRollDoctor Apr 1, 2008

    My understanding is that the delay here on the tail end is due to funding availibility. The weather conditions allowed this project to be completely very quickly and well ahead of schedule. Final payment was likely scheduled for the new fiscal year which happens to start on July 1st.

  • cuteboyd Apr 1, 2008

    I noticed that too MO. It doesn't make much sense. Just like the 540 mistake leading to I-40, this is going to be another DOT mess.

  • tux Apr 1, 2008

    Don't you guys realize the costs involved if they widened 40 in addition to building the bypass? Don't you also realize that if the NCDOT widened every highway everytime another road hooked up to it we'd have highways with 50 lanes, and then you'd complain about that too?

  • sillyauntdi Apr 1, 2008

    I've noticed that Mo. I don't understand why they didn't widen the road up to the Garner exit. I'm not looking forward to that commmute in the mornings once this opens. I am however, looking forward to missing the busy Clayton traffic on my way to the coast for the summer weekends!