Classes canceled at Chapel Hill-Carrboro to coincide with 'women's strike'

Posted March 2
Updated March 3

— Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools have announced that classes will be canceled for students on March 8 because of an expected high rate of teacher absences due to a planned national demonstration.

The strike, dubbed "A Day Without a Woman" by organizers, coincides with International Women's Day. According to the Women's March Website, women are encouraged to take the day off work, exclusively shop at "small, women and minority owned businesses," and wear red in solidarity.

Demonstrations could resemble the massive turnout at many Women's marches like this one, the day after Inauguration Day.

The protest was inspired by the "Bodega strike" in New York City and the Day Without Immigrants across the country.

District officials said that principals and other supervisors have reported that they expect many teachers to be absent Wednesday as part of the national demonstration to emphasize the role of women in national life.

The expected absences would make it difficult to teach students and provide essential services, including transportation and food service, district leaders said.

“Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools values and supports its female employees. However, the decision to close schools is not an endorsement of the planned demonstration. The decision is made solely to avoid operating school on a day when there are insufficient staff to provide instruction and basic school services,” district spokesman Jeff Nash said in a statement.

Wednesday will be an optional teacher work day, and students will not be required to make up the day. All athletic events will occur as scheduled.

In addition, a previously scheduled delayed opening on March 9 has been canceled. Thursday will be a full day of school for all students.

As of Thursday, Chapel Hill-Carrboro is the only School District cancelling classes because of the national women's demonstration.


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  • Amy Clayton Mar 3, 2017
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    It is an optional teacher workday, so teachers who don't report take an Annual Leave day.

  • Jeff Freuler Mar 3, 2017
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    When did employees start making the rules.

    You were hired to do a job so do it. If you want to protest then do it after hours or on a weekend.

    I hate it for the parents who have to take off of work because their children cannot go to school.

    If I were a parent of a student here I would be standing on someones desk

  • Tim Orr Mar 3, 2017
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    Let's do something like WHITE GUYS MATTER and we all stay at home for a day. Oh wait...we have to keep working to make up for all the minorities that take time off. children to take care of and an example to set for them.

  • Judy Loftin Mar 3, 2017
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    How about we cancel Federal, State, and local funding for that day.

  • Kelly Thornburg Mar 3, 2017
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    Fire them. Problem solved. Protest on your own time. You're hired to do a job. Do it.

  • Michael Woods Mar 3, 2017
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  • George Orwell Mar 3, 2017
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    "If women truly want equality they will have to demand it and make sacrifices. "

    As if bearing children for nine months and then being expected to raise them while doing all of the housekeeping isn't enough. Or is this what you think is expected of all women, and what their only purpose for existence is?

  • Ed Ray Mar 3, 2017
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    i wish i had done that.

  • Jim Halbert Mar 3, 2017
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    >Walks into comments
    >Sees 51 replies
    >Walks out

  • Ed Ray Mar 3, 2017
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    Actually I am complaining about the job not getting done. March 8th is a school day. Now I have to find someone to watch my kids because I would normally send them to school and go to work. I have to tell my boss I can not go to work because I have no one to watch my kids that are supposed to be in school. I also still have to pay the taxes that the teachers get paid to not go to work that day. Why could they not do this on a Saturday or a Sunday but in the middle of the week. I hope i do not lose my job because I have to take the day off because grown women want to follow a terrorist and throw temper tantrums. Look up the founder of this women's day and see for yourself. This kids belong in school and should not be home because of people wanting to throw a temper tantrum. Oh who is going to pay my bills when I lose a days pay because of this all the teachers are not losing a days pay why should I.