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Civitas Institute president believes travel ban falls 'within president's purview'

Posted January 29

— While many across the country were speaking out about President Donald Trump’s recent executive actions on Sunday, some were showing their support.

Francis De Luca, the president of the local conservative nonprofit Civitas Institute said while he prefers to see the legislative process run its course, he feels Trump deserves a chance to do what he feels is best.

“A lot of people yelling about this have no problem with executive action when it was done by the previous president so, again, sometimes it’s just whose goose is being cooked,” he said.

Trump has already signed more than a dozen executive actions since entering office. His executive order banning Syrian refugees indefinitely and banning immigration from several predominately Muslim countries for 90 days has just taken effect.

“If they determined that people from a certain place could pose a danger to the U.S., to me, that falls exactly within the president’s purview because he, or she, is responsible for the safety of the U.S.,” De Luca said.

But many people are seeing things differently, including refugees who have taken all the right steps to get into the country and are now worried they may never be able to see their family again. De Luca said he sympathizes with those people, but has faith that those situations will be resolved in time.

“You have to give the bureaucracy a chance to put some structure around his executive action. I’m quite confident that our system is capable of adopting and meeting the needs of these people who are here legally and trying to get their family members here legally,” he said.


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  • Ronald Woodard Jan 30, 2017
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    Mr. Archer, we actually average about 60,000 refugees to the USA on a year to year basis. The last year of Obama's Presidency is not average. Yes we take in on average about 60% of all refugees referred by the UNHCR each year. Go to these weblinks: http://www.unhcr.org/en-us/resettlement.html
    Of course if there is a refugee crisis, many refugees temporarily go to a neighboring country and usually return at some point to their native country after the crisis. The numbers above reflect those actually resettled to a host country for permanent residence.

  • Paul Gemborys Jr Jan 30, 2017
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    You rock on Francis, JHS class of 76! Semper Fi, brah

  • John Archer Jan 29, 2017
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    Don't know where you are getting your numbers. The UNHRC sites states 12% total for North AND South America. There are on average about 100,000 per year admitted to the US, and of those, about half are Christian, half other.

  • Ronald Woodard Jan 29, 2017
    user avatar

    Why does the USA consistently take 60% of all refugees from the United Nations HCR when other countries do not do their part. not to forget there are seven safe Middle East countries able to take refugees. For each refugee flown to the USA, twelve can be kept in safe zones in the Middle East for the same cost. Our FBI has said we are not able to vett some refugees from certain areas due to a lack of reliable info. 43 Muslim-majority countries are not part of the recent executive action, hence it is not a "Muslim ban", as mischaracterized by some in the media. It is not a right to enter the USA as a non-citizen. The USA has a right to protect its borders and homeland security.