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Civil rights groups want NC licenses reinstated for some immigrants

Posted January 14, 2013
Updated January 15, 2013

— Two North Carolina civil rights groups want the state to reinstate licenses for young immigrants with work permits.

The American Civil Liberties of North Carolina Legal Foundation of North Carolina and the North Carolina Justice Center sent a letter Friday to the state attorney general's office, urging the office to advise the state Division of Motor Vehicles to continue issuing driver’s licenses to those who qualify under what's known as the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The program blocks deportation for those who arrived to the U.S. before they turned 16, are under age 31 and have graduated high school, attended college or served in the military.

Until recently, the DMV had been granting licenses to those who had been granted a two-year work permit under the federal program but stopped until it received a legal opinion from the state attorney general.

The ACLU and N.C. Justice Center wrote in its letter that the effected immigrants are "legally present" in the U.S. and are eligible to obtain all the information the DMV needs to issue licenses, including Social Security numbers.

In a statement Tuesday, the DMV said it raised concerns in early September that the Deferred Action program might not conform to state law and stopped issuing the permits until the attorney general's office could issue a legal opinion on the matter.

An internal review of DMV's records last week, however, found that 13 licenses had been unintentionally issued to applicants.

"To maintain consistency of policy, the DMV mailed notification to these applicants on Jan. 11 letting them know their licenses were issued in error," according to the statement. "Therefore, their driving privileges have been canceled. Once the AG’s office issues an opinion, a determination about issuing licenses to DACA applicants will be made."


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  • lgjhere1 Jan 17, 2013

    Let’s face it, this driver's license thing is just one aspect of a much larger 20th century issue that has slopped over into the 21st century and the time has come to finally resolve it. A new worldwide book/ebook explains the role, struggles, and contributions of immigrants and minorities: "What Foreigners Need To Know About America From A To Z: How to understand crazy American culture, people, government, business, language and more." Endorsed by ambassadors, educators, and editors, it paints a revealing picture of America on numerous subjects for those who will benefit from a better understanding.

    Immigrants and the children they bear account for 60 percent of our nation's population growth and are 60 percent more likely to start a new business than native-born Americans. It identifies "foreigners" who became successful in the US and contributed to our society. However, most struggle in their efforts and need guidance if they are to contribute. Perhaps intelligent immigration re

  • proud_of_who_i_am Jan 15, 2013

    whats the need of all these comments full of hate and greed, in what way do illegal immigrants bother us citizens. They're blamed for crime and violence, blamed for taking our jobs. I'm almost sure that everyone leaving comments have a job, but yet they seem to be upset that illegals are taking all of our jobs. Monster.com, career builder.com, indeed.com, simplyhired.com, glassdoor.com, and many many more websites with thousands of jobs listed that us citizens don't get. why not?? maybe because we don't have a degree for it? Well, we could actually go out there and get educated because we have the right and that privilege, or maybe we don't take the jobs because we simply don't like it, or simply because we are LAZY, and want to earn money the easy way. Come on, lets stop been so hateful and greedy, everyone deserves a chance, especially this young people that were brought up here when they were little and now are eager to move up in life and get educated and live a normal life.

  • jeffjohnson123 Jan 15, 2013

    So, these groups endorse our government's efforts to take from its citizens to assist non-citizens. What's next, taking from its citizens to aide foriegn nations? Oh, we already do that but we usually get something in return (treaty, goods, access, etc). What are we getting from these non-citizens, or what are we doing to prevent this from happening again? Removing birthrite citizenship? Penalizing Mexico for lack crossing patrols and for actually endorsing illegal crossings?
    Granting something for purely political gain, which is what Obama is doing, is unpatriotic.

  • Terkel Jan 15, 2013

    "Everyone screams to high heaven about illegals and them following the law to get legal status. This is a case of them being able to get legal status and the state of NC deciding not to recognize it." la tigrita

    No, it isn't a case of "them being able to get legal status." Unless you think having a DL confers citizenship. It's a story about bigots trying to get a free pass because of skin color.

  • dakg Jan 15, 2013

    The ACLU and N.C. Justice Center wrote in its letter that the effected immigrants are "legally present" in the U.S. and are eligible to obtain all the information the DMV needs to issue licenses, including Social Security numbers.

    These special intrest groups are indeed masters of the "spin"! These people are not here legally! There parents brought them here illegally. Now our so called commander in chief...oh I am sorry...King Obama wants to giove them all amnesty. That does not make them here legally! They should have to do it the right way...just like my family members did back in the day. This country is going to H-E double hockey sticks in a handbasket!

  • cjw6105 Jan 15, 2013

    Keep voting Democrat, folks.

    It's why we're having this conversation right now.

  • puzzled Jan 15, 2013

    These special interest groups are part the problem with the US. Rules should apply to everyone the same and not different for special groups.

  • NomoreKoolaid Jan 15, 2013

    Tens of millions without a job or a job with a livable wage now and you are going to have to compete with tens of millions of ILLEGAL invaders given AMNESTY for votes......WE ARE DOOMED.

  • Rebelyell55 Jan 15, 2013

    There is most likely more to this story than meets the eye. Several don't seem to understand ya got to have insurance to get a license. This is why we're forced to pay extra for insurance because those driving around without insurance now. What should not happen is to give the driver test in spanish, since our signs are in english. Since this is for younger folks, they certainly should know how to speak english. No problem with them getting a legal driver license. Better than the illegal driver licenses, no insurance, and certainly no knowledge of the rules.

  • JohnnyVoodoo Jan 15, 2013

    Yeah yeah, I can hear it now. But Johnny.. calm down, this story isn't about illegal immigrants, it's about those children who can't help if their parents are illegal. Well guess what, if they're parents are illegal, then the kids have to go back with 'em across the border and get in line like the rest of those who do it the right way. Period.