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City survey: Residents love Durham

Posted February 28, 2014

A bull gets in the Mardi Gras spirit in downtown Durham on Feb. 12, 2013.

— People who live in Durham love it, the city's satisfaction survey showed.

More than 80 percent rated Durham a good place to live, and 78 percent rated it a good place to work.

City leaders survey residents every other year, and the 2013 results are on track with recent trends toward resident satisfaction. Since 2005, residents' approval of Durham's image, safety and appearance have been on the rise. Seventy percent of respondents said Durham is headed in the right direction.

Still, safety is a concern. Respondents were split – about half said they felt "safe" or "very safe" in the city overall, while 33 percent were "neutral" on that question and 17 percent rated the city "unsafe." Quality of police protection was the city priority ranked most important by the respondents.

Street maintenance and traffic flow were the No. 1 and No. 2 city services where residents registered dissatisfaction, and maintenance was the only other priority listed as "very high" after police protection.


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  • anayadd2001 Mar 3, 2014

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    nonsense. Durham is a great place to live and raise a family

  • iopsyc Feb 28, 2014

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    There's a link to the survey summary with the article. Read through it and you'll see the survey sample was about 1200 people (413 total responses with a 34% response rate).

  • Wise Man Says Feb 28, 2014

    Why is this a story?

    It should only be a news story if similar recent polls were taken for Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Garner, Knightdale and Clayton. Comparing the same metrics from the different communities would be very revealing.

  • Michael Sullivan Feb 28, 2014
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    For those of you, outsiders, talking Durham down, that's fine. Stay away, keep your unjustified attitudes and hype. Those of us who live in the Bull City, myself included, LOVE it. I wouldn't live anywhere else.

  • stymieindurham Feb 28, 2014

    By the way, where is this survey and what "select" group of people were questioned? I never heard of a survey and have lived here about 55 years. Guess I must not be in the "select group".

  • Phyxius1 Feb 28, 2014

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    Uhmmm...You need to go back and read the post. I stated you could call the area all bad then because of a few crimes and the same for Raleigh. I didn't state that Cary had more sex offenders than Durham. Good try on trying to twist my words for your Durham hating cause though..

  • jmc3 Feb 28, 2014

    For those of you who want to learn with an open mind about Durham, go out and google "Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau" and then check out the tab at the bottom that says "About Durham". You'll learn lots of fun stuff and interesting facts about our city. I've lived here all my life and still learned a lot by reading. You can also search the many accolades the city receives each year, ones that are seldom mentioned by the "Raleigh-centric" local media. For the close-minded minority, no need to read!

  • Phyxius1 Feb 28, 2014

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    That quote you keep replying with is getting old and still waiting for your statistic links of that in the county areas . Your North Raleigh has been riddled with crime right in your back yard . You can change your user name but your quotes are the same..

  • ThomasL Feb 28, 2014

    As a native of the his state,not a transplant Durham speaks for itself every night on local news for its shootings,murders and robberies.Has to be the worst town in NC but those that have moved here from"other"places you can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig.Just like downtown Raleigh,walk south past the big buildings late at night and good luck...

  • Chase Truman Feb 28, 2014
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    I have none of the things you mentioned, but I absolutely love Durham! Have lived here all my life and have never wanted to leave. I know plenty of other people who have moved to Durham from other places and don't want to leave either! Sounds like you just need to move somewhere else, cause you should be happy with where you live, not cynical.