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City of Raleigh flushes toilet rebate program

Posted November 7, 2013

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— After thousands of toilets and billions of flushes, the City of Raleigh is closing the lid on its toilet rebate program.

Officials said Thursday that the program is no longer financially sustainable, and they will stop offering rebates after Jan. 1.

The program, which began in 2009, provides $100 to residents who replace water-hogging toilets with high-efficiency models. Since the program began, more than 12,000 toilets have been replaced.

But the program is now costing more money than it is saving for several reasons, officials said. Most toilets available for purchase are low-flow, and overall water demand in Raleigh has been steadily declining because of conservation, the economic downturn and other factors.

Officials said they will focus outreach efforts on providing free water-efficient shower heads and faucet aeraters for utility customers who want to trade in older models.


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  • midnightclay Nov 8, 2013

    What we saved on water we spent on heated seats

  • scubagirl2 Nov 8, 2013

    I HATE low-flow toilets. They may well be low-flow but they are certainly NOT low water USE toilets. Takes at least 2 flushes to clear....I won't buy one!

  • dcatz Nov 8, 2013

    And I wonder how much toilet manufacturers paid (bribed) for this little program?

    Instead of a toilet that cleans the bowl in one flush, you now have a toilet that takes two or three flushes. Even if it uses less water per flush, you have to flush more. How is that supposed to save water?

  • yankee1 Nov 8, 2013

    But the program is now costing more money than it is saving for several reasons, officials said...

    ROFLMAO! Now who ever thought it would actually cost effective for anyone but the person buying the toilet? It's just like every other liberal green based program- they promise big things, cost big bucks and in the end turn out to be big bull! Remember back when the big deal was odd/even watering days? What happened? The cities lost water revenue which caused them to raise rates because nothing Government does can survive without other people's money. Funny thing about liberalism. Everything it does has negative unintended consequences that hurt more people than they help. Then, in the end, the same people the program hurt are mandated to pay to fix the mess thru higher taxes and fees. What a joke! BTW there are scores of other Government programs that should be flushed!

  • bigbear151 Nov 7, 2013

    In other words, they aren't selling enough "product".