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Cynthia Marshall, head of AT&T in N.C., takes new job

Posted December 4, 2012

— AT&T in North Carolina is looking for a new president.

Cynthia Marshall, president of AT&T in North Carolina since 2007, has taken a position as senior vice president of human resources at the company's headquarters in Dallas.

Marshall, a well-known cancer survivor, lives in Cary and will be moving to Dallas.

In 2012, Marshall was one of four black leaders recognized by WRAL during Black History Month as a "Living the Legacy" selection.

Clifton Metcalf, director of public affairs for AT&T in the Carolinas, said Marshall "has been appointed to a corporate position as senior vice president-human resources, one of AT&T's senior human resource executives."

Marshall said she would miss the state and noted that her two children will be attending colleges in North Carolina this fall.

"The past six years have been a high point of my career as they brought the opportunity to get to know many incredible people across the great Tar Heel state and to work together on projects to grow North Carolina's economy and encourage a great future for young people through education, innovation and investments," Marshall said in a statement.

"I will always consider myself a North Carolinian and cherish the many friends I have here. At the same time, I am excited about this new opportunity and look forward to assisting the corporation in developing our most valuable resource, our employees, and in attracting new and energetic employees committed to serving our customers better than anyone else," she added.

"This move is bittersweet for me and my family as we truly consider North Carolina our home. That's why our two college-age children plan to be enrolled at two of our great North Carolina schools in the fall."

Metcalf said a successor to Marshall would be named "at a later date."


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  • North Carolina Cutie Dec 4, 2012

    Congrats to her, and anyone who succeed, and blessing with your health.

  • Serious man 4 Dec 4, 2012

    No disrespect toMs Marshall, I was slamming AT&T.

  • Hill55 Dec 4, 2012

    Excuse me @whitelady but can please point out where you see "hate"?

    Why is it that anytime someone says anything about someone who is black, including our president, you are immediately branded a hater?

    Please answer that for us. Thank you.

  • Tarheel4lyfe Dec 4, 2012

    It's really hard for some to be HAPPY for others, let alone positive. Congrats to Mrs. Marshall I hope she does well with her new job.

  • whitelady484 Dec 4, 2012

    Mrs. Marshall did not ask for this article to be in the media. But I can say Mrs. Marshall is a modern day hero to all of us who know and love her. Congrats! to her and her family. Keep moving Forward and tell the haters "don't hate, congratulate".

  • 27228 Dec 4, 2012

    in unreported news....four thousand other people changed jobs today.

  • Hill55 Dec 4, 2012

    I don't think this lady has a legacy for what she has done with AT&T in North Carolina.

    Since the aquisition and rebranding from Bell South, the service in the rural areas has gotten worse. In orange county there is zero competition so they just go through the motions. Repair times during non emergency times can be as high as 5 days.

    But don't you love when they call them selves North Carolinians and in the same breath hint how they will miss the in state tuition?

  • NCSU84 Dec 4, 2012

    I read the headline so fast I thought it said A&T as in "NC A&T" collage. I thought how does a local collage have a corp office in

  • apennyforyourthoughts Dec 4, 2012

    "Its just a news story...why click on it and or read it if you don't care...did you do that just so you can make this comment....must be a slow day for you too!!!"

    My thoughts exactly!

  • mys1983 Dec 4, 2012

    Its just a news story...why click on it and or read it if you don't care...did you do that just so you can make this comment....must be a slow day for you too!!!