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Child Struck by Vehicle in Front of School

Posted September 20, 2007

— A child was struck by a vehicle Thursday in front of Wake Forest-Rolesville Middle School, authorities said.

The unidentified student was riding his bicycle to school and a car hit the bike from behind, knocking the student to the pavement, said Bill Poston, spokesman for the Wake County school system.

Paramedics checked the boy, who suffered scrapes and bruises, and he was released to the custody of his parents, Poston said.

No charges were expected to be filed in the case, Poston said.


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  • PikeMom Sep 20, 2007

    Your God couldn't stop (or wouldn't) the accident happening so why on earth do you think he would be bothered helping now?
    haggis basher

    Good Point,all those prayers people were saying last night,let's see where it gets them today.People will die,natural and unnatural.Bad things will happen all day long.Where is HE?Please people don't bash him or I so bad because we don't feel the click like most of you.We are free to believe what we believe just like you.

  • Joe Blow Sep 20, 2007

    So we still don't know who the child was or his condition?? Bill Leslie said at 8:05 that they had crew on the scene and would keep us updated. It's 11:08...

  • 2xMom Sep 20, 2007

    Pretty interesting that research has shown that people who are prayed for (whether they know it or not) do better in recovery from surgeries and procedures. Yep, an article in JAMA about it, around 2 yrs ago. Hmmmm. I'll hedge my bet..my prayers are w/ the little one also.

  • dont_preach Sep 20, 2007

    high5-4wives- pay no attention to haggis, he always make comments like that when someone says anything about religion. and besides he has a right to his own opinion no matter how we feel about it. if you read the bible look what happened to jesus when he shared his believes.

  • high5-4wives Sep 20, 2007


    I sure feel sorry for you, making a statement like that tells me that you need all the Prayers that you can get,hopefully you will one day see the light.

  • alady Sep 20, 2007

    Our prayers are with you little one... hope you will be okay.

  • Granny Sep 20, 2007

    Prayers DO work! This precious child and their family, and the person driving the vehicle will be in my prayers...along with the person who thinks that prayers do nothing! We sure do have a lot of people out there that like to find fault and blame without knowing anything about what actually happened! May God bless you all!

  • Run_Forrest_Run Sep 20, 2007

    I'm not sure I agree that women are worse for talking on cell phones. I know we're more prone to multi-task...but I try never to talk on the cellphone when I'm driving.

    However, I'll sit at a stoplight often and count the number of folks talking on cell phones and it's a bit frightening. (Male and female)

    I wish it was illegal to use a cell phone while driving, but LEOs are so busy - they don't seem to be interested in stopping folks who have tint on their windows that is so dark - you can't see through it, let alone cell phone users. That's frightening because they could be pointing a gun at you, and you'd have no clue...but I digress..

    Still hoping for a speedy recovery for the student. :)

  • Skywatch_NC Sep 20, 2007

    Prayers do nothing.

    Mercy, what a bold statement.

  • Skywatch_NC Sep 20, 2007

    Prayers and thoughts that the child will be okay.