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Child kidnapped from New York found in Lee County

Posted October 5, 2010

— Lee County sheriff's deputies arrested a Sanford man Sunday, charging him with kidnapping, statutory rape, soliciting a child by computer and human trafficking of a child.

The Lee County sheriff said his office was tipped off by police in Canandaigua, NY, that a child kidnapped from that jurisdiction was believed to be at 825 Walker Road in Sanford.

When deputies arrived at the home, William Herbert Schliebener, 48, initially denied that the child was there but admitted her presence when deputies asked to search the premises.

The victim told deputies she met Schliebener online, and he agreed to help her run away from home. She said Schliebener picked her up at her home and had intercourse with her. She said he took the battery from her cell phone to prevent her from making calls.

Schliebener was being held under $500,000 secured bond.


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  • queene01 Oct 7, 2010

    Yes- it is near, I am not sure if she was found on Walker road or Frank Wicker road, but within a mile or so of each other.

    I may be mistaken, but isn't Walker Rd where little Shaniya Davis' body was dumped? What's going on on this road? Ironic maybe?
    October 6, 2010 2:00 p.m

  • reeceeyarnell Oct 6, 2010

    I can't imagine any child that would actually go willingly with this freaky looking weirdo! I'm 30 something and I'd be scared of him!I think the place where this child originated from should be equally investigated to find out what could be so awful that she would go with this pervert! Make sure that what you are returning her to isn't just as bad as where she's just been!

  • bkallen04 Oct 6, 2010

    I may be mistaken, but isn't Walker Rd where little Shaniya Davis' body was dumped? What's going on on this road? Ironic maybe?

  • IrrationalThoughts Oct 6, 2010

    The girl is 14. Here's a more detailed article from a NY newspaper:

  • princesskaguya2000 Oct 6, 2010

    Wow, way to blame the victim other posters. "WTH was she thinking?" and "She should have known better"? If she wanted to run away from home, something is wrong *at home*. And she didn't know better because she's a kid. The article says "He had intercourse with her" When a 30 year old man has sex with a young girl it's called rape.

  • Sherlock Oct 6, 2010

    She is safe because the officers did not have to go thru DSS in Fayetteville. This is the way it should work between agencies. Thank God that Jackson did not get involved.

  • andy2 Oct 6, 2010

    He will end up back on the street and the rate for him committing this crime again is 100%.

  • sunfundreamer Oct 6, 2010

    it was just pointed out to me that Walker Road is where Shaniya Davis was found. this young girl has a second chance. i hope whatever made her run away from home with such a scumbag will be investigated and corrected before it happens again; she may not be so lucky next time.

  • LRB Oct 6, 2010

    That is one creepy looking guy.

    My daughters are just 3 & 1 and I'm already planning how to talk to them about these topics. It's so scary but you have to stay as vigilant as you can where your kids are concerned.

  • QT3.14 Oct 6, 2010

    I agree, JAT - what was going on at home that made sex with this guy seem like the better alternative? Gross.

    The article doesn't state her age. I'm curious (not that it matters, really)