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Child, 5, in critical condition after being hit by vehicle

Posted June 30, 2014

— A 5-year-old boy was seriously injured Monday afternoon after he was hit by an SUV near the intersection of Mattox Street and Hollybrook Road in Wendell.

The boy was riding his bicycle when he was hit by Glenn Harris, 70, of Wendell, police said.

The child was transported to WakeMed and was last listed in critical, but stable condition.

Police have not said if charges will be filed.


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  • Edward Levy Jul 1, 2014
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    If the driver was not charged why was it "necessary" to publish his name?

  • miseem Jul 1, 2014

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    The article says this was NEAR the intersection of two roads. If he was on Mattox St., this looks like a very lightly traveled road 2 blocks long, and Hollywood is not a main thoroughfare. WRAL, with their usual great reporting and updating, has given no details on the incident, including whether an adult was with the kid. Until more information is provided (and don't rely on WRAL for this), I would be careful about blaming the parents.

  • Erica Konopka Jul 1, 2014
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    Nice. The 'cyclist' hate even carries over to children. How about not being a distracted driver? How about not dragging a child under your car for 50 feet? How about annual road tests for senior citizens?

  • VickLo Jul 1, 2014

    A few years ago my wife almost hit a kid that should not have been on the road on their bike because they were obviously too young and/or immature to handle the responsibility.

    She stopped and asked the kid where she lived. Then took her home. The parents WERE NOT HOME! She waited for the parents and then gave them heck. Probably did no good. Today she would be arrested or beaten or shot.

    These kids do not stand a chance because nobody is allowed to tell them what is good for them. even the parents.

  • Michael Clay Jul 1, 2014
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  • 678devilish Jul 1, 2014

    riding with his parent nearby and crossing the street. We don't know that yet

    Make up all the excuses you want, the child should have never been on that road. Whether parents was trailing with him or not. That was a dangerous thing to do.

  • 678devilish Jul 1, 2014

    I pray the young child will be OK.

  • 678devilish Jul 1, 2014

    5 years old? This child should never been on or near the road. This was dangerous in itself. Where was the parents and why did they allow this?

  • snowl Jul 1, 2014

    It's amazing that some parents/guardians think that their kids (under 5 years old) can ride their bikes in the road and it's the driver's responsibility to watch out for them. Luckily for me, I WAS watching and driving slowly recently when my neighbors very young child rode in front of my car, I stopped, and then this child rode around my car and crossed in front of me again! The adult watching the child just gave me a glaring stare! Unbelievable!

  • busyb97 Jul 1, 2014

    I'm waiting for them to say how the kid rode out into the street and there was nothing she could do. We are talking about a 5 year old remember....near an intersection. What is a 5-year old doing there? Granted- he could have been riding with his parent nearby and crossing the street. We don't know that yet.

    A family friend had this happen to him- a kid on his bike came out from between parked cars and there was nothing he could do to avoid it. His sideview mirror hit the kid, and unfortunately, the child didn't make it. It about killed the driver mentally...took him years to deal with that, but it WAS an accident.

    Believe it or not, accidents do happen. When consequences are unavoidable and unintended. We're too quick to point fingers. and sometimes that's just not the answer.

    Praying the boy recovers.