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Chief Quits After Claim He Gassed Up on Town's Tab

Posted July 25, 2007

— The police chief of Mount Olive has resigned amid allegations that he used a town credit card at a gas station to fill the tank of his personal vehicles, authorities said.

Chief Emmett Ballree resigned late Friday after the town conducted an internal investigation. Officials said no criminal charges would be filed in the matter.

Maj. Ralph Schroeder, a 28-year veteran of the Mount Olive Police Department, has been named acting police chief. No search for a permanent replacement is planned as of now, authorities said.


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  • wizard633 Jul 26, 2007

    Steve, he does have a patrol vehicle. It is a Ford Explorer that belongs to the city of Mt. Olive.

    I hate to see Chief Ballree go. He has done a great job for the city of Mt. Olive & also been a big help to Wayne County.

    Good luck, Chief.

  • LittleSister Jul 26, 2007

    Well could be two things, maybe it was by accident or maybe the town has let him do it before. No he has a police vehicle that he uses.

    The main problem here is that he was a fair man when it came to the people, no matter if you were rich, poor or what nationality you were.

    Mt. Olive does not work that way.

  • uknomepopo Jul 26, 2007

    Chief Ballree...thank you for 22 years of service...

  • Steve Crisp Jul 26, 2007

    I'm just wondering why it is illegal for a chief of police to gas up his own car? Especially if it is infrequently. This is a small town. Chances are he uses his personal vehicle a lot in his work; unless he has his own patrol car he takes home with him, he probably uses his private vehicle often to go to crime scenes, especially at night. That way he doesn't have to switch cars to respond.

    Just speculating here...

  • LittleSister Jul 25, 2007

    popo if you live or have lived in Mt. Olive you would know the story. And the wonderful people does mind their own business, it's just the select few that can't be happy.

    Bottom Line this Man should not have lost his job.

  • ecu_rules Jul 25, 2007

    Give him a couple of days off without pay and make him pay it back. There is no reason to resign over it.

  • Tarheel_For_Life Jul 25, 2007

    I live in Wayne County, and not to say that this behavior is acceptable but I remember the days when James Sasser was sheriff and that crowd did a whole lot worse than this.
    I like Ralph Schroeder fine though.....even if he is a Yankee! LOL

  • civildiscontent Jul 25, 2007

    peedoffpopo, not to dispute that Ballree is/was a good chief again, read my post, he may have made a mistake, as have others on the force, which you should certainly know about if you are aware of "the whole story", which doesn't just include incidents, with this seeming like more of the MINOR ones that have gone on and continue to go on in Mount Olive. It's sad that the good officers suffer and even though this was inappropriate, there certainly have been deeper and more sinister issues that have been brought to light, and some that have been and continue to be swept under the rug. It's unfortunate.

  • peedoffpopo Jul 25, 2007

    If you knew the whole story about this you would feel foolish for even listing any of this. this is just the means that the commisioners used to end a career of a man who gave the better part of his career to the town he always called home.

  • peedoffpopo Jul 25, 2007

    why are you people even worried about it? Is it so hard for the wonderful people in the town of Mount Olive to mind there own business?