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Chatham deputies find $3M worth of marijuana plants

Posted June 6, 2011

— Chatham County sheriff's deputies found 1,784 marijuana plants with a potential street value of more than $3 million in a raid last week, a sheriff's office spokesman said Monday.

The sheriff's office worked with the State Bureau of Investigation, the North Carolina National Guard Counter Drug Task Force and the United States Drug Enforcement Agency to bust two plots of land used to grow marijuana. There was a plot in southeast Chatham County and another plot in the southwest part of the county.

The plants were ranging in size from 12 to 24 inches and were later destroyed. They had not fully matured.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.


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  • native61 Jun 7, 2011

    At $140 per ounce you would only need 12 ounces per plant. $140 X 12=$1682. $1682 x 1784=$3 million. I did some rounding.

  • Jim Britt Jun 7, 2011

    "They had not fully matured" means they were worth about the same as the crabgrass growing in my front yard.

  • wyheel Jun 7, 2011

    At $140 an ounce, that would be around SEVEN POUNDS of sellable weed PER PLANT.
    I wonder if the state gets federal $$$ based on value of drug busts? hmmmmmm

  • jaredg Jun 7, 2011

    this is just a drop in the bucket. what a waste of time and resources. just legalize it and tax it. vote Gary Johnson for President!!

  • golorealist Jun 7, 2011

    "In accounting $3M stands means $3,000. Three million would be $3MM." - fatchanceimwrong

    actually, it depends on who you talk to. M for thousand and MM for million comes from roman numerals, and is still used by some people. but, technically speaking, the roman numeral MM actually means 2,000. from my experience (auditing in public accounting and in corporate accounting/finance), most people use K for thousand and M for million from the greek letters for kilo (thousand) and mega (million). some people still use M and MM, but most use K and M. however, neither way is more correct than the other...they are both commonly accepted abbreviations of the same thing. most accounting/finance departments agree to use or the other, but not both. i have never been in an environment other than college where M and MM were used.

  • Hatchcover Jun 7, 2011

    2002 - FBI announced that it was investigating two tons of missing marijuana at the Chatham County Sheriff's Office.

    Wonder if they can manage not to flub this one up!

  • kj90 Jun 7, 2011

    ncguy you are right....That is a lot of teaching jobs!

  • batcave Jun 7, 2011

    3 million? not in this economy.

  • snshine62d Jun 7, 2011

    While you are belittling the collective intellgence of Harnett County law enforcement, please take note of the headline that reads Chatham.

    Is there a difference???????

  • SARCASTICLES Jun 7, 2011

    OK, everybody.....lighten up a little and go listen to "Illegal Smile" by John Prine.....you'll get a chuckle. ;)