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Chase leads to motorcyclist's death in Cumberland County

Posted June 17, 2011

— A motorcyclist died Friday during a chase involving state troopers when he collided with another vehicle in Cumberland County, authorities said.

The Highway Patrol tried to stop a motorcyclist with an expired license plate on U.S. Highway 301 in Robeson County, but the motorcyclist sped off, authorities said.

A 12-mile chase ensued, and it ended when the motorcyclist crashed into a Honda Pilot at Cumberland and Hope Mills roads, near the Cumberland-Robeson county line, authorities said.

Witnesses said the motorcyclist ran a red light and hit the SUV as it made a left turn onto Hope Mills Road, and troopers said the high-performance Suzuki motorcycle was traveling about 70 mph on impact.

Fatal Fayetteville motorcycle wreck Chase leads to motorcyclist's death in Cumberland County

The motorcyclist, identified as Cedric R. Sheppard, 29, of Fayetteville, was thrown from the bike and into a Chrysler car and died, authorities said. The SUV driver, Marie Waters, 57, was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

An investigation by the Highway Patrol determined that the license plate on the motorcycle was fictitious and that Sheppard had a suspended license.


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  • ncgrits1 Jun 22, 2011

    Again, the officer tried to **pull him over** for an expired tag.
    He CHASED the motorcyclist **BECAUSE HE RAN**.
    No running = no chasing.

  • sarahsmommy07 Jun 22, 2011

    So Just so yall know more about the MAN yall are talking about he is a Husband and a father he SERVED in the ARMY HOOAH

    So may GOD rest your soul and keep your wife and child in their prays because i think they should of let him go for expired tags not chase him for 12 MILES we arent talking about a mile or two but 12 miles with speed over 100 miles per hour more people could of been hurt in this Thank God so far the woman and her children are doing ok but they will always remember i hit a man on a bike and he died probably have night mares from it so I DONT justify how the LEO handle the situation WHEN the CHASE started it was for EXPIRED TAGS they didnt know any of the rest until he was DEAD on the pavement with his Brains splatter everywhere

    But hopefully people willnt act this way to you if one of your family members are put in this situation (My father was at the seen when it happen and what he told me is so horrific i wouldnt put it on here

  • sarahsmommy07 Jun 22, 2011

    SHEPPARD, Cedric Rayon, of Fayetteville, N.C. , husband of Tanesha Sheppard, died Friday. Arrangements by Suburban Funeral Home of North Charleston, S.C

  • jscott13 Jun 21, 2011

    Leo...the guy had an expired tag and the officer tried to pull him, but the choice to chase was also the officer's. You, conveniently, did not choose to comment on the death of the father, an innocent bystander, who I mentioned. I guess catching the bad guy is worth a life??

  • mrsjessicaannsmith Jun 20, 2011

    There has been many interesting things said in these comments. I agree with Leo-NC. I have many family members who serve in uniforms everyday and without those brave people willing to risk their lives for us we would not have the freedom to write about this chase today. The Army protects us as a nation and the Police protect us as a city. They are trained and I am sure this officer made right choice by seeing this young man as a threat. I am sorry though that he passed.

  • ncgrits1 Jun 17, 2011

    Heavenly said "but the article states the reason for the chase was an 'expired tag'". Uh, no. The article states that the reason the officer tried to pull him over was an expired tag. The reason for the chase is that the suspect fled.

  • whosonfirst Jun 17, 2011

    Continued....The trooper was not chasing an expired tag, the trooper was chasing someone with something to hide. The something apparently was a fictitious tag but how was the trooper to know if was because a murder had taken place or someone had been robbed. You can't blame the trooper and innocent people can get hurt when others break the law. That does not make it the fault of the law or those who enforce it. Justice can not be avoided because we are afraid someone may get hurt - society would be much worse than it is if that were the reality.

  • whosonfirst Jun 17, 2011

    Heavenly - you've got a flawed logic. Sure the cyclist had an expired tag. The trooper tried to stop him. He ran. Now the law he broke is alluding the police. I am sure he did not just take off at a few miles an hour over the limit to allude the trooper. Therefore, the trooper in doing his job has to decide, what is this person hiding. Someone with absolutely nothing to hide would probably not run. The trooper has only a split second to decide - even if the trooper chased a quarter of mile the outcome could have been the same - the same outcome could have happened just because the trooper turned on the blue lights.

    If everyone knew that all you had to do was to run because the police can't chase, no real criminal would ever stop. Many more lives would be put at risk when those who choose to run, take off when they see blue lights. That my friend would be far more dangerous than the chases we hear about ending in tragedy.

    So the trooper was not chasing an expired tag - the trooper wa

  • leo-nc Jun 17, 2011

    "That was never at the root of this conversation"--

    That's EXACTLY what the conversation is about. Had he stopped, there would be no story to comment on. So if you ever get robbed, don't expect us to chase. What if your kid was raped? Chase then? Nah...Let 'em go because it's not worth it.

  • leo-nc Jun 17, 2011

    Jscott13, you're right, we don't care one bit. (Sense the sarcasm?). Yeah lets implement that and then all the criminals will know that all they have to do is drive a little fast and get away. Yeah, that'll work. Think about it slick, who made the decision to run? Was it the Trooper? Nope. He was violating the law and got caught, he ran and he signed his own death warrant unfortunately. Ever bother to read the supreme court decisions regarding chases? Our policy is more stringent then that yet you still complain. Better yet, lets just all go home and we'll just let you fend for yourselves out there. How will that work out? The kind of mentality you display here is what's wrong with our society. Quit blaming the cops, and put it where it truly lies, which is the criminal him/herself. HE made the choice to run and the troopers did their job and chased, which is exactly what should happen.