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Charitable giving jumps in NC by $17 million

Posted December 21, 2012

— While North Carolinians were far more generous with charitable giving this year, a report released Friday shows that residents also used more discretion in choosing their recipients.

The report from the North Carolina Secretary of State's Office shows that residents gave $43.6 million to charities licensed by the state from July 2011 to June 2012, a significant jump from the year before. From July 2010 to June 2011, a total of $26.7 million was given.
"It is clear the people of our great state are doing everything they can to help those in need and to support good works in this challenging time," Secretary of State Elaine Marshall said in a statement. "The new numbers show us that North Carolinians are really trying to make good decisions about who to give to."
The report also showed that charities received $23.7 million from fundraising campaigns, averaging a 54.3 percent net return for each dollar donated. This is an increase from the net return of 49.5 percent in 2010-11. 
"These numbers and percents of return tell us charities are making smarter contracts with fundraisers and that more donations – both in terms of amount and percent – are reaching the charities after administrative costs are paid," Marshall said.
In national or multistate fundraising campaigns reported to the office that included North Carolina donors, only 42.6 percent of each dollar given went directly to the charities. 
"This means that when you look at the donation choices North Carolinians made, in general, our folks gave to more efficiently run fundraising campaigns than people in other states did," Marshall said.
The annual report can be viewed on the Secretary of State's website.



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  • 426X3 Dec 21, 2012

    This is great. Wait until BHO implements his great plan to cut the federal deficit. No more or very little tax write-offs for donations.

  • Nancy Dec 21, 2012

    Sadly, this report cannot measure "in kind" donations of food to food banks, things such as blankets, hats, mittens etc that are donated directly to an organization that gives them away to those in need.

    That is what I give all year, not money, but actual goods.

  • Rebelyell55 Dec 21, 2012

    December 21, 2012 1:21 p.m.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    >> You could be right, but me and people I talk too, this ain't the case.

  • Rebelyell55 Dec 21, 2012

    I'm afraid this may be the last year for some giving, so it's great that they're able to give. I've also heard that more are giving to individual personnal gifts, instead of giving to organization that seem to waste a lot.

  • dckelder Dec 21, 2012

    Giving by individuals directly to those in need has increased dramatically. This way there is no administrative costs and fewer scams. People are sure their giving is going to where it needed in their community.

  • kbo80 Dec 21, 2012

    Oh this is really nice. I would love to give more and hoping that next year I will be able to. Thanks to all of you that are giving.

  • whatelseisnew Dec 21, 2012

    "Charitable contributions are up this year because people realize this administration is going cut or eliminate deductions for contributions next year."

    I am cutting next year, not because of tax changes, but because Government is reaching deeper into my pocket. I just will not have as much disposable money available. It would be nice if the State and the Feds cut taxes, but it is going in the opposite direction at the Fed level. It remains to be seen what will happen at the State level.

  • mep Dec 21, 2012

    The local organization I give to just posted that over $1 MILLION dollars it received was put DIRECTLY back into the Raleigh community. Places like

    Life Care Pregnancy Center
    - SAFEchild
    - Raleigh Rescue Mission
    - Healing Place of Wake County
    - The Encouraging Place
    - Neighbor to Neighbor
    - Step up Ministry - Raleigh Young Life

    Nice to be able to give to these worthy organizations. PEOPLE, not the govt do the most and best good for the poor.

  • thweave Dec 21, 2012

    Charitable contributions are up this year because people realize this administration is going cut or eliminate deductions for contributions next year. Some churches are advising members to go ahead and give their 2013 donations before the end of the year.