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Charges not expected against man shot by Raleigh police

Posted December 19, 2014

Raleigh police said they are responding to an incident in the 3800 block of Barrett Drive, but they did not provide more information.

— Wake County's chief prosecutor said Friday that he doesn't anticipate charges against a man who was shot by a Raleigh police officer Wednesday morning.

Authorities say Officer S.C. Nziuki shot Marcel Leroy Jordan in the torso while she was responding to a 911 call about a man attacking an employee at a mental-health counseling center on Barrett Drive.

Jordan, 33, was in critical condition Friday at a local hospital.

District Attorney Ned Mangum said the case remains under investigation and would not comment on the circumstances of the case.

Police also have not said what led to the shooting, but a preliminary report to Raleigh's city manager that is expected next week could provide more details.

Sources told WRAL News that Jordan allegedly charged at Nziuki with a pair of scissors.

Meanwhile, Nziuki – a Raleigh police officer since May 2012 – is on administrative duty while the State Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Affairs Unit of the Raleigh Police Department conduct investigations.

That's standard protocol for officer-involved shootings.


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  • Pensive01 Dec 19, 2014

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    You are obviously using a definition of support that no one else was previously aware of, if you consider what you are doing as supporting the police. More like indulging in another bout of bias against WRAL.

  • disgusted2010 Dec 19, 2014

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    So, supporting the police and calling WRAL out on their obvious bias and rush to be first with no facts now denotes a bad attitude. If so, then I am proud of my bad attitude. I make my feelings known and do not call for someone to lose their livelihood or be barred from posting those beliefs just because they differ from my own. Can you say the same?

  • Pensive01 Dec 19, 2014

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    Just because the head prosecutor for Wake County has decided to not press charges does not mean that the officer acted inappropriately. I'd also suggest that you don't hold your breath waiting for any lawsuits to appear either.

  • Norman Lewis Dec 19, 2014
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    I wait for the complaints against the officer because she shot a "mentally ill man", don't laugh, somewhere, someone is planning to protest. I suppose if we believe someone is mentally ill, we should allow them to attack us with impunity. Since the media likes portraying law enforcement as aggressors because that view sells advertising better, I expect the lawsuits "on behalf of the mentally ill" to start soon. I doubt many officers see a great deal of difference in whether or not the person assaulting them with a deadly weapon is ill or not.

  • Pensive01 Dec 19, 2014

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    Once again "someone" is engaging in wild hyperbole and seems to be ignoring the basic information that is being published.

  • James Hicks Dec 19, 2014
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    I don't know, DISGUSTED2010, it might just be their normal lackluster reporting. I didn't take it negatively reflecting on police.

    In any case, thank goodness the officer came out ok and made it home another day.

  • disgusted2010 Dec 19, 2014

    Once again WRAL intends to inflame people against law enforcement and fails miserably in reporting even basic information.