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Charges filed in crash that killed Fort Bragg soldier

Posted May 14, 2009
Updated May 15, 2009

— The N.C. Highway Patrol charged Anas Dahabi, 25, with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle in the wreck that shut down Interstate 40 Tuesday afternoon and claimed the life of a soldier stationed at Fort Bragg.

Dahabi was driving his Volkswagen Jetta, troopers said, when he sideswiped a motocycle being ridden by Harold Boyd III, 36, of 4633 Morning Star Lane in Hope Mills.

Boyd died as a result of the injuries he sustained.

A highway patrol spokesman said two other vehicles were involved in the wreck. No one else was injured.


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  • big dog May 15, 2009

    strawberry- I agree with you if it truely was and "accident". The reports that i've read said this man was speeding and tried to change 2 lanes at one time. Now if that is the case and it is proven that he was driving wrecklessly, aggressively, roadrage or whatever. Are you still gonna say he doesn't deserve jail time? If he's found guilty of any of the above it should atleast be manslaughter, PERIOD.

  • strawberrysw4 May 15, 2009

    "also are you an elected judge? "he doesn't need any jailtime" REALLY? Unless this was your father,son, or brother. That's why we have "ELECTED" officials, like JUDGES."

    big dog: No - I don't know anyone involved in this accident. And as far as your comment about "ELECTED" officials. Yes, we do have them and "ELECTED" officials determined that you don't get jail time for misdemenor death by motor vehicle.

    My point is that everyone has driven carelessly (unfortunately) at some point in their life. It COULD happen to anyone including yourself.

  • Brejasa May 15, 2009

    Prayers to the family of the victim as well as the person that caused the accident. While yes I understand that someone lost their life it was an accident, we are all humans and we make them even when we try our best not to. How many of you who posted these comments have caused an accident or almost caused an accident, if you did I hope you didn't mean to. And what if that person died or could've died, would you have felt a felony was fair to you? I think the punishment given is fair enough as this man does have to live with this for the rest of his life and I pray he doesn't take this lightly. I agree with 68_polara, its sad but its reality, accidents are going to happen & hopefully this guy as well as others will learn from this tragedy and take more caution on the roads and see that we are all transporting precious cargo, LIFE.

  • 68_polara May 15, 2009

    continued: one does everything they can to avoid a situation. I think everyone could benefit from riding at least once.

  • 68_polara May 15, 2009

    I ride but disagree with charging someone with a felony for an action that did not include maliciousness intent. I hear the similar argument when a cyclist is injured. Here's the thing we know the risks of being the road whether on a bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, or even a compact car. Accidents happen, we are out there with the young, old, inattentive, aggressive , and even people with medical conditions known or even unknown to them. When some one contributes to a wreck in which some one is injured because of inattention or aggressiveness or known medical condition I hope they are taken to the cleaners in civil court and lose there license but felonies need be reserved for criminals. Being careful greatly reduces the likeness of causing an accident but still anyone of us can cause one, they can occur so quickly. I will say this, riding a motorcycle has made me a better driver because believe you me when your out there with nothing surrounding you one does everything they can to avo

  • jmc524 May 15, 2009

    If the public could see the horrific circumstances of the car drivers inattention and nonconcern for others then maybe people will start looking twice and proceeding with caution and concern for other peoples lives. This poor man on the motorcycle was mutilated by the car drivers unconcern.

  • mramorak May 15, 2009

    i remember trying to change lanes many times ,trying to be careful and merging only to find a speeding cycle beside me that wasn't there when i started to merge.not to say that this is what happened but sometimes these cycles really do some crazy things.

  • workingforthosethatwont May 14, 2009


  • Just the facts mam May 14, 2009

    Too many people drive too fast and reckless on I-40.

  • TeresaBee May 14, 2009

    I drive a dreaded mini van and when I change lanes I first put my blinker on maybe 5-6 seconds before I even start to change lanes to let surrounding cars know what I am about to do. Then after looking to make sure the coast is clear I SLOWLY move into the other lane and when I say slowly it is to make sure I give anyone a chance to move incase I did not see them. We just need to be more precise and deliberate when we drive.