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Charge reduced in Sanford teen's stabbing death

Posted April 22, 2010

— A Lee County grand jury has indicted a Sanford man on a second-degree murder charge in the stabbing death of his girlfriend two years ago, authorities said.

Edward Donald Rivera, 23, was initially charged with first-degree murder in the April 26, 2008, stabbing of Dana Shorb.

Shorb, 17, was found dead in the shower of her home at 210 Bounty Lane, which she shared with Rivera and their child. An autopsy showed Shorb had been stabbed 11 times in the arms, head, neck and chest.

The second-degree murder charge reflects less premeditation than a first-degree murder charge.


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  • Adelinthe Apr 22, 2010

    "The second-degree murder charge reflects less premeditation than a first-degree murder charge."

    He went to the shower WITH A KNIFE for what other purpose? To cut her hair or shave her legs???

    Boggles the mind.

    God bless.


  • Maddie girl Apr 22, 2010

    again,wow !!!!

  • hefty-lefty Apr 22, 2010

    Well, let's just keep him locked up for a couple more years and maybe we can have this crime dropped to just manslaughter...

  • iron fist Apr 22, 2010

    Not premediated? What was he doing in the shower with a knife? He didn't just pickup a knife out of the soap dish. He had to have had a few moments to think about what he was doing or planning to do.

  • LiVELiFE2FULLEST Apr 22, 2010

    oldrebel i agree...if you have anger problems as bad as killing someone when you get mad then you have serious problems. and he does not need to get out!!

  • oldrebel Apr 22, 2010

    I really don't care whether it was premeditated or a crime of rage, anyone who stabs someone 11 times doesn't need to be released to the public for a very, very long time.

  • NCStatePack Apr 22, 2010

    Actually, 11 stab wounds are consistent with a crime of rage. If you were to plan a murder, you typically would be more likely to stab once to kill. If you did it "in the heat of the moment" so-to-speak, then you would more than likely continue stabbing until the rational part of your brain tells you to stop, rather than thinking about "how dead" the person is.

  • Smedley Apr 22, 2010

    I think we could consider stabs 2-11 pre meditated.