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Charge: Man hit stepson with frying pan

Posted August 5, 2008

— A father-son argument turned violent Tuesday in Cumberland County.

Sheriff's deputies charged Terry Belanger, 51, of 2271 Nye Court, with assault with a deadly weapon. They believe he hit his is stepson, Marshall Glenn Hardison, in the head with a frying pan.

Hardison was airlifted to Chapel Hill Hospital. His condition was not available.

According to authorities, the two men had been drinking and arguing at the time of the assault.

Belanger was being held in the Cumberland County Detention Center. His bond had yet to be determined.


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  • Jax is proud to be an American Aug 6, 2008

    This story is funn yes. But you have to wonder what was so bad that Dad felt the need to hit him with a frying pan so hard he gets airlfited out? Maybe the son should have ducked.

  • Chuck U Farley Aug 6, 2008

    I blame Golden Corral :-)

  • ChristaS Aug 6, 2008

    This one looks like he's taken a few hits to the noggin by an old cast iron, too! ha ha

  • beachbum1 Aug 6, 2008

    Interesting they already had a mugshot of the stepson. I hope the son is ok but like the rest it's kinda funny. I wish more people would grab a fry pan instead of a gun. It's the 3 Stooges or Comedy Capers all over again. Foxworthy would have a ball with this!!!

  • Wags Aug 6, 2008

    dojofraleigh...you are right. The cartoons I watched as a kid always had someone getting whacked with a frying pan and it would dent the pan. I'm sure if Daffy Duck would have died in the cartoon from being his by his drunk Dad, it would have been more entertaining for the kids.

  • 007KnightRider Aug 6, 2008

    Boy if that was a cast iron pan, ouch!!!

  • dont_preach Aug 6, 2008

    lol....why cant i stop laughing at this story!!!

  • Politically Honest NOT PC Aug 6, 2008

    The first time my wife brought out the frying pan, I said "Oh Boy, scrambled eggs" Her reply: "Scrambled yes, eggs no" Then it hit me. On the back of the head to be exact.

  • sportie Aug 6, 2008

    Here's your brain on drugs

  • anonemoose Aug 5, 2008

    Was the frying pan injured?