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Charge: Cumberland schools employee paid student for sex

Posted June 15, 2009

— An employee of the Cumberland County School System was paying a 15-year-old student for sexual favors, according the sheriff’s office.

Jeffery Brent Godwin Sr., 40, of 1503 Deep Creek Road in Fayetteville works in the mailroom at school district headquarters.

Investigators said Godwin would drive his victim to a local motel where he paid her to have sex with him. The encounters went on from December 2007 through the spring of 2009, the girl told investigators.

Detectives charged Godwin with two counts of statutory rape, two counts of first degree kidnapping, two counts of taking indecent liberties with a minor and five counts of facilitating the prostitution of a minor

He was taken to the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $110,000 bond. A first court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday.


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  • idcotton95 Jun 18, 2009

    Strangely, I had to go to the place where Jeff works (worked) just YESTERDAY and asked about him. I was informed that he no longer worked there. Since I knew it was close to the time when he was supposed to retire, I responded, "I guess he went ahead and retired then, huh?" No reply was given. While I thought this was odd, I didn't ask any further. This is very sad. I know Jeff and he really is a nice guy. The fact is that we don't know what people are capable of doing when they are away from their places of business. We have no clue of what their struggles are. Unfortunately, when you decide to make a decision like this, you volunteer yourself to be exposed and scrutined about the media, parties involved, and bystanders. After the Lord has been long-suffering with you and given you time to repent, get yourself together, and begin again and you continue in the same sin, He will pull the covers off your nakedness (no pun intended) and expose your sin. God will forgive Him IF Jeff asks.

  • Surething Jun 17, 2009

    The guy will walk, that's how it will be played out. They will come out with all the excuses of a bad up bringing, daddy wont around, uncle ray ray molested me, etc...and the guy will walk.

  • finesse187 Jun 16, 2009

    I wonder, why did it take so long for this to come out? Very interested in how this will play out in court and all that's revealed!!!

  • Surething Jun 16, 2009

    Then she should be held accountable how? By society? Her parents? Held accountable how?

  • blueangelchild2001 Jun 16, 2009

    I never once said that she should be held accountable on CRIMINAL CHARGES. This is where assumption plays it's worst role.

  • Surething Jun 15, 2009

    "It amazes me to see these people the love child molestors. Yes, poor poor perv. Give me a break, but as long as you are okay with these guys in your neighborhood.....until they molest your relatives then you tune will change.....DA's"

    Agreed, would love to see what these people wopuld say if it was their daughter. Of course, if it was their daughter "this would never happen", but we all know if it was they would sing a differnet tune and wouldnt be blaming the girl.

  • somey Jun 15, 2009

    It amazes me to see these people the love child molestors. Yes, poor poor perv. Give me a break, but as long as you are okay with these guys in your neighborhood.....until they molest your relatives then you tune will change.....DA's

  • Surething Jun 15, 2009

    IS NOT who you thought he was.

  • Surething Jun 15, 2009

    "I attended school with this gentleman from elementary level to high school. This is completely out of character from the humble Jeff that I knew"

    Just the way you say she should be held accountable also, maybe the "humble" little child molesting Jeff is who YOU thought he was. But of course, that isn't possible because you "knew him". Apologists, everywhere. Dude needs to be held accountable for his actions, although in the end they will find a way to blame the girl and he will walk, only to molest another child.

  • Surething Jun 15, 2009

    "I think that she should be held somewhat accountable for what happened. Integrity should be taught, learned, and used at the earliest of ages."

    And I respectfully disagree. Integrity should be taught, but you can't expect a 13-15 year old girl to think like an adult despite being engaged in an adult act, especially with some subhuman mongrel like this guy coaxing her to have sex with him and offering money to her. Putting any amount of blame on criminally is wreckless at best. Putting blame on her for her in a non-criminal discipliary way is acceptable.