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Chapel Hill police to get new body armor

Posted January 13, 2009

— Chapel Hill police are getting new body armor, often popularly referred to as bulletproof vests.

The City Council decided Monday night to combine $10,000 of the town's money with a federal grant for more than $10,000 to purchase the vests.

The body armor costs about $500 apiece. Such armor can stop some bullets, though it is not invulnerable to all firearm rounds.


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  • 68_polara Jan 15, 2009

    Wow so not only should the common peasants be victims of violent crime but the police who are supposed to be able to protect us should be to. Wow just wow...

  • randyfromcarolina Jan 13, 2009

    Sorry str8thuggin! I should have read your whole post. I apologize for the snappy response.

    Hey, we all know that Chapel Hill PD should not be armed. Just read the news and every day in America you will see a LE officer involved in some type of gun related crime. Plus guns cannot solve problems and they just escalate violent situations. Chapel Hill needs to lead the way in disarming their police department. It only makes common sense, when you consider the whole anti-gun argument. Chapel Hill is totally unsafe as long as any guns are inside of its city limits.

  • HappyGirl08 Jan 13, 2009


  • str8thuggin Jan 13, 2009

    Randy, you missed the second part, pal.

  • randyfromcarolina Jan 13, 2009

    Since gun control works so great why not spend the money on a gun buy back and then there would be no need for the vest!

    In my town we banned matches and cigarette lighters and arson has stopped completely! The only bad part it is really tough to light my grill and fireplace, but hey we all have to make sacrifices for our true socialist’s beliefs. Next up is eating utensils, no more spoons, forks, or knives. Something must be done to stop obesity!

    Oh for the guy above who questions what business is it for the public to know this information. First the “public” is paying for them. Second Chapel Hill Police Officer’s are “public servants”. But hey Hitler and Stalin would agree with you all the way, whose business is it for the “public” to know anything about their own government. Lets lock down town hall, no more "public" allowed inside.

  • redwarrior Jan 13, 2009

    Tell that to Eve Carson, podtalk.

  • str8thuggin Jan 13, 2009

    I agree with honcho, slow news. What business is it to the public which law enforcement agency gets new vests. Thats like saying, "Here, try this vest and see if it really works. How many perps read/watch the news? What I would like to know is, Who on the Chapel Hill PD made the call?

  • starrider99 Jan 13, 2009

    "For what? there's not 10 guns total in Chapel Hill."

    Yeah, but look how close they are to Durham...

  • clintoflannagan Jan 13, 2009

    Does this mean they didn't have vests before or they are replacing old vests? I would be shocked if they haven't had vests all along.

  • mike honcho Jan 13, 2009

    Must be a slow news day...... vests expire every 5 years, they should constantly be buying "new" vests.