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Chapel Hill passes dog tethering ordinance

Posted March 24, 2009

— The Chapel Hill Town Council passed an ordinance Monday regulating the unattended restraint or tethering of dogs, officials said.

The ordinance, which takes effect in 15 months, makes it illegal for a dog to be tethered for more than three hours total during a 24-hour period.

The measure is similar to ones in Orange and Durham counties.


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  • readme Mar 24, 2009

    Granted I don't know how a dog thinks or feels. But I think as long as the tether is a decent length, a dog will generally be happier outside all day than cooped up in the house. There are more sights and smells and interaction with nature. Not to mention that he doesn't have to hold his bladder. This is hardly abuse.

  • bottleworks Mar 24, 2009

    "So who's going to have the time to sit and watch and time how long a dog is tied out?"

    I will.

  • BeachBum08 Mar 24, 2009

    when will this go into effect in Wayne Co!?!?!?!

  • Coach K is still GREAT Mar 24, 2009

    Only in Chapel Hill...

  • mocena Mar 24, 2009

    "What a complete joke. Government run amok. I suppose it's more humane to leave the dog in the house all day."
    Yes, it IS more humane to leave the dog in the house all day. What is your point?

  • mycatbubba Mar 24, 2009

    We spent A LOT of money on a picket fence to contain my Border Collie only to find out that he sails it like a gazelle! So, I kept him in the house during the day but all he could do was just sleep. Border Collies, especially, do NOT need to get bored! We bought a trolly and put it in the fenced-in area. Now my dog can run, play, go in his doghouse, etc. without jumping the fence. We're sure the trolly is far away from anything he could jump over which could cause him to hang himself. He is much happier outside than cooped up all day and I'm sure he's safe. He can't get run over by cars and since he's in the fence and other dogs can't get to him. If it's very hot or cold, he stays inside and plays "sloth!" He's not a barker so he doesn't bother the neighbors. All is happy.

  • Adelinthe Mar 24, 2009

    Fences including invisible fencing doesn't work with all dogs.

    That's why some are tied.

    But still, none should be tied all the time.

    They're either suppose to be family pets or given to someone who will treat them that way.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Mar 24, 2009

    "I called Animal Control and first they told me I had to document it, so I made several tapes of the dog barking continuously for hours on end, over a period of weeks. When I called them back they said they didn't care. I called the mayor's office who had someone talk to Animal control and animal control also told THEM that they didn't care."

    Animal Control, for the most part, doesn't care.

    So then you call the Humane Society which does.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Mar 24, 2009

    So who's going to have the time to sit and watch and time how long a dog is tied out?

    God bless.


  • Z Man Mar 24, 2009

    I couldn't tie up our dog all day - it's a cruel thing to do. Ours runs free on my little acre, which is surrounded by an invisible fence. She has only gotten out twice in the 6 years we've had her. Invisible fence is somewhat expensive but worth it.