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Chapel Hill house fire kills dogs

Posted March 13, 2012

— A husband and wife escaped a house fire in Chapel Hill Tuesday morning, but their pet dogs didn't make it out alive.

Fire Battalion Chief Keith Poterfield said the couple was sleeping when the fire broke out in their home at 416 Ridgefield Road around 6:15 a.m. They were uninjured, but their two dogs died.

The fire damaged about three-quarters of the single-story home. The cause hasn't been determined.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Mar 14, 2012

    Thanks for flagging my post, fellow Golo'ers, and not allowing an equally opposing response. If you hadn't noticed my original response was nearly an exact reversal of Amby girl's original post. (E.g. look to your friends for support)

    So, after you're done crucifying me, you might want to ask yourself if you would want to retire to a place where all non-human animals were banned.

  • kfoushee2 Mar 13, 2012

    My heart goes out to them. I lost my three dogs in a fire a year and a half ago. You never get over the pain. But after losing lives in a fire, all the material stuff is just that - stuff. God be with this family and their new life ahead.

  • luvmynmls Mar 13, 2012

    My heart aches for this family. This is one of my absolute worst nightmares. So much so, that we installed a security system with smoke alarms direct connected to the alarm company so they can call the fire department to resuce our fur babies in case of a fire when no one is home. I hope I never have to find out if it works.

  • eric52272 Mar 13, 2012

    hereandnow...you know how people who are overly-religious and are always talking about their religion, and their church, and their beliefs and they will pray for you and on and on...they get on my nerves and I suspect they probably get on your nerves, but you are just like them so stop talking about your nonbelief...just believe what you want and be done with it.If you think people who pray are wasting their time, then let them waste it...stop antagonizing people especially on a story about pets dying. I have 3 dogs and I would probably die in the fire with them if I could not get them out.

  • Ambygirl Mar 13, 2012

    justjean, I don't pay him any mind. He's always on the soap box about God not being real. He's kinda like the Grinch. His heart is 2 sizes 2 small. I'll never stop praying for others especially during their time of loss. He can believe what he wants and so will I. And by the way, I pray for him too...

  • justjean Mar 13, 2012

    @hereandnow99, Yes, yes we get it, you don't believe in God, you believe in invisible and purple elephants orbiting Saturn..blah, blah. Why do you have to make an article on someone's pets dying your soapbox for what you believe or don't believe. Don't you think these people are hurting enough, they've lost their home and their pets.. Everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want, and you ranting on message boards against others makes you no worse than any other religious zealot out there!

  • Scubagirl Mar 13, 2012

    How horrible for them to lose their home AND their dogs. Hopefully they died from the smoke before the fire got to them.
    Years ago I was witness to a house fire that killed all of the renters pets, and there were many! There was nothing that could be done and it haunts me to this day :(

  • oodie16y Mar 13, 2012

    Oh I'm so sorry , this is terrible.

  • Ambygirl Mar 13, 2012

    I believe all animals go to heaven. Prayers to this family for their loss.

  • streetglide Mar 13, 2012

    our pets are our Family, my prayers go out to the family for thier loss, GOD BLESS!