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Chapel Hill, Carrboro Will Get Water Surcharge

Posted March 13, 2008

— Water customers in Chapel Hill and Carrboro will see prices increase starting Monday, when a surchage goes into effect. The Orange Water and Sewer Authority is instituting higher rates to encourage water conservation.

Beginning Monday, residential customers with individual meters who use up to 2,000 gallons per month will pay $1.98 per 1,000 gallons.

  • Customers who use 3,000-5,000 gallons per month will pay $5.875 per thousand gallons.
  • Customers who use 6,000-10,000 gallons per month will pay $11.06 per thousand gallons.
  • Customers who use 11,000-15,000 gallons per month will pay $22.38 per thousand gallons.
  • Customers who use more than 16,000 gallons per month will pay %52.20 per thousand gallons.

Stage Three usage restrictions remain in effect.

  • OWASA customers may only hand-water non-grass plants three days per week.
  • Drinking water is not to be used outdoors for any reason not necessary to maintain public helath, safety or welfare.
  • Drinking water may not be used to wash cars or buildings, or in swimming pools.
  • Restaurants may serve water only on request of a customer.
  • Hotels, motels and other facilities providing sleeping accommodations shall change bed linens only upon request of the customer, or upon customer changeover, or every five days for long-term customers.
  • Drinking water may not be used for fire department training or equipment testing.

Water levels in OWASA reservoirs have increased 17 percent since March 1 as a result of increased conservation and recent rains. However, the community’s primary water source, the Cane Creek Reservoir, remains less than half full.

The next meeting of the OWASA board of directors is scheduled for March 27.


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  • foetine Mar 14, 2008

    I thought Chapel Hill had plenty of water. This watering plan is anti-large poor families since they will be the ones who have to cut back on showering and washing their clothes. Is this part of Chapel Hill's plan to force these people out of the city limits by making them stink too much?

  • givemeabreak Mar 14, 2008

    Bottleworks...are you? When you start doing your share I will shut up! I conserve do you? The rates are not what have me conserving, the green aspect is what does it.

  • TheAdmiral Mar 14, 2008

    The fact of the matter is that people's perceptions of entitlement needs to change before they go back to conservation of resources. We have turned into a throw away society where instead of using Cloth Diapers, they use Huggies and fill the landfill.

    Then complain because the county wants to put in another land fill 5 miles from their house.

    Get a grip people - if everyone with the me-complex continued doing what they are doing without regard to the rest of the community around them - even their neighbors - then they deserve to have a dry well, a dry tap, and a multi-million dollar water bill.

  • bottleworks Mar 14, 2008


  • givemeabreak Mar 14, 2008

    all under the misconception of conservation. I agree whole heartedly.

  • whatelseisnew Mar 14, 2008

    Why is it that the politicians never look at offering incentives to conserve. Perhaps a reduced rate for those folks that use less water. The truth is this is not about conservation at all; it is about money.

  • givemeabreak Mar 14, 2008

    A tad over kill. What are our surrounding communities doing. While I do NOT think we should relax our water rules....I think OWASA is trying to make money off of me.! YES! I live in Chapel Hill and PAY THE HORRIBLE RATES AND THEN WATCH YOU SELL TO THE OTHER PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT WATCHING THEIR WATER!