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Central Valley Farms Facing Low Water

Posted February 26, 2014

California's Central Valley could be facing a hard, dry spring and summer, thanks to changes to water allocation. Officials have determined that the drought threatening the state requires some serious adjustments to water allocation and contracts, and farmers will be taking the brunt of low or even nonexistant water deliveries, depending on their location.

This may ensure enough drinking water for Los Angeles plumbers to work with, but it could mean a very rough time in the state's vitally important agricultural sector, which brings in billions for the state, provides significant employment, and feeds a large chunk of California and the nation. The drought's effects are already starting to be felt in Northern California, where dairy farmers have just applied for changes to organic certification to allow them to feed their cattle on hay since there's almost no graze left, and the situation is likely to get worse before it improves.

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