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Catholics wait, worship, watch Rome

Posted March 2, 2013

— As Catholics around the world play a waiting game for their next pope, regular services continue for the faithful. In Raleigh, that means Saturday evening Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

"Saturday nights are typical Mass," said Alan Tonelli. He drove in from Cary to celebrate the weekly ritual.

"There is a great group of families who sit together at Mass, and we have a good time," said Kinney Bloomer, of Apex.

stained glass windows Catholics worship, wait for next pope

This week, the talk is of the coming conclave in Rome and the selection of a new leader for the Catholic Church. The post is open after Pope Benedict XVI retired Thursday. 

"I grew up with the last pope, and it was shocking that there was a change in the first place. So, for someone to be stepping down, that's a big deal," Bloomer said.

Local Catholics shared differing opinions about the key qualities they hope for in their next leader.

"Maybe somebody with maybe a little more liberal interpretation of church law," Tonelli said.

Stephanie Razzeto, of Apex, disagreed.  "I personally would really like to see one who is going to continue Pope Benedict's conservatism."

With the College of Cardinals set to gather on Monday to begin the election process, Catholics and others all over the world are wondering who the next pope will be and how long the selection will take.

Father Dan Oschwald called it a learning experience. "You have a new pope being elected while the previous pope is still living. How does this happen? We've all been learning, haven't we," he said.

Bishop Michael Burbidge will celebrate a special Mass at Sacred Heart Monday where he's expected to discuss the selection of a new pope.


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  • meeper Mar 4, 2013

    This whole business is pure poppy*ock. It's religious politics and at it's best. Where are any of their beliefs found in the bible? It's nonsense.

  • Uhavenoclu Mar 4, 2013

    This is so silly. I dont think Jesus would even live in a place like the Vatican. What a scam on the sheep.

    Have you seen all the priceless art and treasures they hide in the vaults while they plead and beg the poor and average joe to help others?

  • Brian Jenkins Mar 4, 2013

    This is so silly. I dont think Jesus would even live in a place like the Vatican. What a scam on the sheep.

  • Six String Mar 4, 2013

    Keep in mind that the Pope does not change the church nilly-willy according to the tastes of the day. The people change the church, and the Pope follows 200 years later -- give or take a century. Here's hoping for a 21st century Pope with some vision of what the church could be instead of what it used to be.