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Catalytic converters stolen from Johnston County auto yard

Posted January 9, 2012

— Johnston County sheriff's investigators say someone stole dozens of catalytic converters from wrecked cars at an auto yard last week near Clayton.

The sheriff's office said Monday that the thefts happened sometime between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning when someone apparently broke through a fence at Insurance Auto Auction on Sadicso Road.

More than 40 converters were stolen, authorities said.

Catalytic converters are often stolen because of the metals they are made of, which help reduce auto emissions. They are sold to scrap yards or recyclers for hundreds of dollars each.


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  • pappybigtuna1 Jan 11, 2012

    this could be an exhausting investigation, probably no immediate emissions of guilt, this will truely test the metal of law enforcement

  • map1agmachining Jan 11, 2012

    The salvage yard might get a 100. but the common joe gets aroud 30-40.

  • jrtnnc Jan 11, 2012

    I recently scraped a Chevy caviler and received 35.00 for the converter. Scrap yards are wise to these thefts where as I was told I must have the vehicle the converter came off of...

  • 68_dodge_polara Jan 10, 2012

    I didn't know a big block could fit in a duster, must be a monster. I shouldn't be that surprised after seeing one in a scamp once. $40 sounds much more accurate.

  • jd21 Jan 10, 2012

    rebelyell55--THANKS for the answers!
    robbyh--The cancer is many people using those places have compulsive/addictive gambling problems. (The owners are counting on this). The same cars are there for hours & hours, day after day. Since they're open 24/7. Sometimes even with their kids left in the car or running loose outside. People spending money they cannot afford from living funds to do a mental compulsion they cannot control. Then, it becomes everyone's problem (taxpayers that is) since we will pay for public assistance they will need or already be on,or their incarceration from crimes to "feed their addiction" (just like with drug or other ones). Yes, these have happened with our local "Internet Business Center." Also,these deluded people are playing uninspected electronic "games"--programmed to make the owners money & are probably NOT true games of chance. They will allow the rubes to win once in a while to "keep the fish on the hook." So,this is NOT a victimless thing.We all lose.

  • duster 340 Jan 10, 2012

    HI 68-dodge-polara
    The 340 is one of my favorite engines. Yes and the 440 in my other Duster get it done also. I been told $40 is what the avg convert sell for at the salvage yard.

  • 68_dodge_polara Jan 10, 2012

    "Can someone tell me what salvage yard is paying hundreds of dollars each for these converts ?"

    No kidding duster.

    The 340 is one of my favorite engines.

  • 07GoldWinger Jan 10, 2012

    When reputable salvage yards refuse to accept bulk materials like this as well as copper, they lose money. The thief will just go somewhere else and find a salvage yard wanting to make profit. They get $75-$150 for the converter, then the salvage can double or more when they get rid of it. It's all about honesty and money.

  • duster 340 Jan 10, 2012

    Can someone tell me what salvage yard is paying hundreds of dollars each for these converts ?

  • Lost and Loaded Jan 10, 2012

    Well, if the thieves are really smart, they would know that the valuable part of the catalytic converter is the ceramic core which contains the rare & valuable metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium. Extracting these metals from the core is a job for an experienced chemist or professional facility only - but there should no problem cutting out the cores and stocking them until you find someone to buy and process them for you.