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Cat survives being buried alive

Posted November 8, 2010

— A veterinarian is helping a cat recover in from a bad accident in Harnett County.

The cat was rescued after it dug itself out of a dirt grave. The woman who found it said some boys buried the cat because they thought it was dead.

A veterinarian now caring for it said the cat appeared to have been hit by a car. It lost its eye and has a broken jaw.

After 11 days of intensive care at Vets for Pets Animal Hospital in Dunn, the cat is almost well enough to be adopted.


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  • astrog222 Nov 9, 2010

    I would love to adopt this cat if I didn't already have five rescues.

  • mama k Nov 9, 2010

    fishon....I had a kitten with a terrible infection in it's eyes, one of his eyes had to be removed and he had many antibiotics to get rid of the infection. He has lived for several years an been an outside cat on top of that.You would be very surprised at how well animals adapt to their circumstances!!! Hope he is adopted by a very loving person or family:)

  • Reader X Nov 9, 2010

    Have they tried to find the original owner of the cat first? I wish the best for the cat and that it finds a good home.

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Nov 9, 2010

    Dr. Beretich has real compassion for animals.

    Most other vet practices would have euthanized the cat instead of trying to save it.

  • jprime Nov 9, 2010

    I would totally adopt zombie cat if I didnt already have 3.

  • jse830fcnawa030klgmvnnaw+ Nov 9, 2010

    fishon, unless the animal is considered terminal and in a lot of pain, I would not "put down" the cat or dog. I currently have a 3-legged black cat, and I had adoped a blind cat. They are both as normal as my twin "regular" cats, and they live with a large dog and blue-and-gold macaw (belonging to my sister-in-law).

    BTW, my blind cat Freddie saved our house from impending disaster. The main well pressure tank valve failed, and it was just causing flooding in the crawlspace. Only Freddie heard it and alerted me. I was able to shut the water off without any damage to the house. My other "normal" cats were too stupid to notice anything :-)

    Only humans think that they should be treated differently...

  • wwyoud Nov 9, 2010

    Zombie cat!

  • fishon Nov 9, 2010

    Who out there is thinking to themselves, boy I wish I could just adopt a cat? maybe one that has just one eye...

    Just because something can be done, should it be done? The cat had a broken jaw, and lost an eye. And it could have more trauma to the brain. Why not just put it down? It's not as if there are not a lot of cats available to adopt.

  • Justin T. Nov 9, 2010

    Please make sure this poor animal gets a CAT scan to make sure it is OK.

  • rescuefan Nov 9, 2010

    I am sure the kids thought they were doing the right thing. I am glad that she survived, she sure has a fighting spirit!