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Cary wife confessed to strangling husband, police say

Posted May 13, 2013

Dottie Delaney Amtey appears before a Wake County District Court judge on May 9 to face a murder charge in the death of her husband.

— A Cary woman charged in the strangulation death of her husband last week confessed to the crime when detectives questioned her, according to a warrant obtained Monday.

Dottie Delaney Amtey, 61, told Cary police detectives when they arrived at her Carbon Hill Court home Thursday that she had strangled Sharad Ramchandraro Amtey, 77, following a disagreement while they were in their upstairs bedroom.

According to the warrant, another person who was in the home at the time told investigators that Sharad Amtey was heard saying, “Dottie, Dottie. I can’t breathe.”

Dottie Amtey told detectives she was an avid runner and that her husband had numerous health problems.

“These statements by Dottie during her interview …provided insight into Dottie’s ability to be able to strangle Sharad as she described with Sharad unable to defend himself,” the warrant states.

Dottie Amtey was charged with murder and held on a $1 million bond.


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  • ultraviolet May 21, 2013

    well, thanks to the media the public DOES know much of their personal life and "dirty laundry". In the first run story, the day this occurred, a lot of that was exposed. I won't repeat the details here. So sad. No one should assume they know or even have an idea of what was going on in that house. But hey I guess that's what some people on this comment board enjoy ......gossip and personal theories.

  • monami May 15, 2013

    douglively, how do you know they had stress from their kid? Unless you know them, those are some wild and outlandish allegations, based on, what??

  • douglively919 May 15, 2013

    Well, ..., it's hard to say what happened. When young people come back home to live with their parents it creates a lot of undue stress in the home ... and they're not alone. Many aging parents and grandparents in the triangle are re-parenting again. When young adults come back home they often regress back to their teenage years leaving mom & dad to do the parenting all over again. The kids drag back all the emotional baggage that they accumulated in the wake of bad relationships. This couple should have been enjoying a quiet retirement yet they had a lot of undo stress placed on them at a time when they didn't need it. So, in this case, there was some argument & somebody snapped. Frankly from the photo she doesn't look like an 'avid' runner or strong enough to strangle even a sickly 71 year old man. People who commit murder don't confess to it even when it is a crime of passion. Something else was going on in the house and that family dynamic need to be investigated by the police.

  • Lightfoot3 May 15, 2013

    “Something about this story doesn't seem right...maybe she's covering up for someone.” - common tater

    I agree. Sounds like she’s almost pleading with them to believe that she is capable of killing her husband. More likely it was a younger, stronger family member that did it.

  • Tax Man May 14, 2013

    So this fellow was strong enough to pull the cable out of the wall but not fend off his wife? And why didn't the others in the house help him? It appears from the stories that there was a son there and another woman at the time of the death. It does seem strange.

  • common tater May 14, 2013

    Something about this story doesn't seem right...maybe she's covering up for someone.