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Cary using education to crack down on gangs

Posted May 28, 2008
Updated May 29, 2008

— The Town of Cary has a new section on its Web site, along with public service announcements, flyers and brochures to help educate the community about gang activity and prevention.

The measures followed the Town Council’s proclamation in support of gang-prevention measures, including declaring May as Youth Gang Awareness and Prevention Month.

“While we’ve been really fortunate to not have the level of gang-related problems common to so many communities our size, we do know that we have young people in Cary that are attracted to gangs,” said Police Chief Pat Bazemore. “Our goal is to use suppression, intervention and prevention strategies to address this issue now, before it becomes a much larger issue.”

Statistics show the number of people in Cary affiliated with gangs at just below 100, compared with an estimated 3,000 gang members in all of Wake County, 14,500 in North Carolina and 1 million nationwide. In Cary, 33 of the total 6,793 crimes reported in 2007 had some known link to gangs, which was down 33 percent from 2006.

The Town of Cary’s plan for gangs was developed by an intra-agency group. About 23 members of the Cary Police Department are working with the new gangs program.

If you think a member of your family might be in a gang or considering joining a gang, get help by calling the Cary Police Department at 919-469-4366 or Wake County ’s gang hotline at 919-256-0919.


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  • BIGCHEESECAMATO May 29, 2008

    Why not just put them on all the Soccer teams that Cary has. It is full of soccer moms on cell phones that drive gas hoggin SUV's. I am sure they would not mind adding some more players and if they get in trouble, there would be plenty of soccer mommies that could call on their cell phones. If they wanted to go to school and be educated they would so why make them when they dont want to...

  • Alert5 May 29, 2008

    Next thing you know Cary will be trying to talk to the MS-13 Gang members. Geez!

  • OrdinaryCitizen May 29, 2008

    Educated Gang Members sounds dangerous

  • rogerkneebend May 29, 2008

    Strengthen the law: put away gang members with no parole.

  • bigredtruckman May 29, 2008

    Did they get an aesthetic permit to paint those gang signs? Those gang members should be reported to the nearest HOA or town official. Please keep Cary clean and beige. ;-)

  • mramorak May 29, 2008

    Education,What an idea!

  • djcnty8 May 29, 2008

    The only problem with the stats is that they talk about documented gang members. How many more go undocumented? Take into account that some of these gang members are as young as 10 or 11.

    It is a growing problem not only in the neighborhoods but in the schools as well. With the no child left behind ppolicy, you can not get rid of the gangs in the school as well as you would like to.

  • jbirdnc May 29, 2008

    "with an estimated 3,000 gang members in all of Wake County, 14,500 in North Carolina and 1 million nationwide."

    I'd love to see who gathered these "statistics." Some of our small towns like Henderson and other areas would definitely challenge that 14,000 gang total for the state. A million gang members nationwide? I bet there are over a million gang bangers in California alone, then Texas.....I strongly believe North Carolina has much more than 14,000 strong. This must be the same group that claimed there were just 12 million illegal aliens in the country...........right......