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Cary Shopping Center to be Razed

Posted May 15, 2007

— The owners of Waverly Place said they plan to tear down the entire shopping center.

Built in the 1980's, the center at the corner of Kildaire Farm Road and Tryon Road was once acclaimed for its design. Now, it's considered outdated and vacant.

Durham-based developer Zapolski + Rudd, which owns the center, said demolition work could start as soon as this summer, and it could take up to five years to rework the site.


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  • Student Nurse May 16, 2007

    Stevef68 "and it could take up to five years to rework the site."

    Wouldn't take but a day or two to mow it down...five years to REwork the site indicatest to me that they will use the same site.

  • Former EnchantedOakster May 16, 2007

    Forget all these comments about colors and style. Ridgewood S/c, for example, is as ugly as they come, but very popular because it has what people want, and it's not too hard for the evning crowd to get in and out. Waverly is also a "destination" shopping center: you go there because what you know specifically what you want and what store you want to see. But it is just too hard to get in there. When the s/c opened across the street, Harris Teeter moved quickly to get out of their hole and into a place where home-bound drivers can easily get in and out. The movie theatre died (along with so many other smaller theatres) because of competition with the super-plexes.
    As for style, I kinda liked the look of the place, but that was not enough to make me shop there, except for Wellspring / Whole Foods, and the credit union.

  • melmika May 16, 2007

    Several years ago during the ice storms that caused a lot of power outages and tree damages A fellow worker was telling everyone that the city of Cary was going to be picking up all the fallen branches and trees. And that everything had to be sorted out by shape, size and color. And nobody believed that he was joking.

    Waverly Place is going under due to all the regulation that would have made it a popular place to shop at. Cary wants to be a major city by having all houses and Businesses looking dull with no variety. To find anything in Cary is by asking for directions, Mapquest or by accident.

  • Yelena May 16, 2007

    If the comment about not allowing any independant buisness, only changes, is true, it's quite sad. I for one, am sick of chain resteraunts and retailers.

  • allkindsa comments May 16, 2007

    It's interesting to me to see so many comments about the signs being poor.My customers complain about Cary's rules toward signs.I've voiced many of these complaints to the folks in planning whom I have to deal with for permits.Their reply is that they are just enforcing the rules asked for by and voted on by the people of Cary.From my side I see Ral., Cary, Morris., and Apex as trying to promote themes which mostly impose color restrictions on company's signs. These companies have individuality and, in my opinion, should be able to express that at least through their signs. It troubles me to pull into a center and see that everything is the same color, or limited to 3 colors. Let these people market themselves!We see so many businesses fail, and I know the reasons go further than signs.Another issue is trees.Centers are required to plant so many that ultimately hide the stores.The problem is complex, but I am surprised that Waverly is resorting to razing. Seems so wasteful.

  • STFU May 16, 2007

    The Pizza Hut has always had a red roof....where have U been? And the one on Walnut is now closed, has been for a month or so.

  • Iris May 16, 2007

    I hope some type of plans are being made to keep Whole Foods open or move the store to another location.

  • SomeRandomGuy May 15, 2007

    KrillieKat-Where do you see they are going to RE-develop??

  • Student Nurse May 15, 2007

    Kudos to the owners for re-developing the existing space instead of cutting down forest land/farmland to make a new shopping center.

  • Gardener May 15, 2007

    I worked in 3 different businesses in that shopping center, and I want to help swing the wrecking ball or push the plunger or whatever. Scott, you are so right about Cary. Cary could insist on bike friendly streets or pedestrian-friendly shopping.

    Crossroads is a nightmare and should not have been built. It was to have been a big mall but a homeowner would not sell and made such a fuss the anchor stores pulled out and the developer went ahead and made it an unholy hell of a strip mall.