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Cary police to canvass area of sexual assault

Posted April 16, 2014
Updated April 17, 2014

— Investigators on Thursday plan to canvass an area where a 20-year-old woman was raped in her apartment Saturday morning.

The canvass comes one day after Cary police released a sketch of a man sought in the sexual assault.

The suspect is described as a clean-shaven, light-skinned black man with short black hair and green eyes that investigators believe could be contacts. He is about 6 feet, 1 inch tall and weighs about 200 pounds. The suspect was last seen driving a red or burgundy SUV.

The woman told police the man, who was behind her in traffic, followed her home at the Hawthorne at the Parkway apartments to warn her of damage to her vehicle. After thanking him, the woman headed to her apartment, where the man pushed her inside as she unlocked her door, police said.

What makes the crime more concerning is that it appeared to be random, which rarely happens in assault cases, Cary police Capt. Don Hamilton said.

"The high majority of sexual assaults, the victim and the suspect know each other some way," he said. "It could be just a chance meeting but rarely it is a totally random act."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Cary police at 919-469-4012 or Cary CrimeStoppers at 919-460-4636. CrimeStoppers pays up to $2,500 for confidential information leading to arrest or indictment.


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  • MrX-- Apr 17, 2014

    A black guy with Green eyes is a fairly rare find. The police said they might be contacts but even if that is the case and he stops wearing them, someone may know the guy who used to have green eyes.

  • 678devilish Apr 17, 2014

    These women need to make absolutely sure their windows and doors are locked every time they enter their apartment. I pray that they find this man before he decides to take a life.

  • lewiskr45 Apr 17, 2014

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    Where does it say he committed a crime 3 times?

  • Dan Cooper Apr 17, 2014

    Women are vulnerable and targeted. The disrespect and violence towards women is part of the culture that is increasingly popular and not only overlooked but promoted by those who should be trying to protect us. We are trying to be told that those who are harmless will hurt us and those who are most dangerous are misunderstood and unfairly discriminated against. Politics has become too involved in the projection of who is a victim and that severely threatens the safety of us all. The groups that supposedly are protecting the unjustly biased have created a violence based class and the media's attempt at making a harmonious accord to make all equal including violent perpetrators is also to blame.

  • Kristin Byrne Apr 17, 2014
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    They're not searching for the suspect. They're going door to door to show people his picture in case anyone has seen him in the neighborhood, but hasn't seen the sketch.

  • monami Apr 17, 2014

    Why would WRAL publish law enforcement tactics to the public? "We're going to search for the perpetrator tomorrow at the crime scene." Get it? You just told the perp where not to be.

  • Kim Stew Apr 17, 2014
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    The RPD set up a road block type of thing (without stopping traffic) on Capital blvd after a hit and run accident which killed a woman a few weeks ago. This might be a good idea for the CPD to do on Cary pkwy near the stretch where the two encountered one another. Perhaps the perpetrator used the road on a daily basis going to and from work and/or home.

  • carrboroyouth Apr 16, 2014

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    You would make fake turns if anyone followed you? If I did that for all the people that commuted behind me I would never get home. It's not a weird thing - lots of people live in an apartment complex. I do not understand how this makes her naive. It's more like she's not utterly paranoid like everyone else. So many people live in fear.

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Apr 16, 2014

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    So have I. When I noticed it, I made a few false turns into business parking lots, etc., to see if they continued following me. That way you can determine those just going your way from those who might do harm.

    C'mon folks...didn't you all learn this growing up? I did, back in the Dark Ages. It's just plain old common sense.

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Apr 16, 2014

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    There is no safety in one's home if someone who may have evil intent is right behind us as we're unlocking its door.

    I learned as a teen back in the Dark Ages (I'm 67), never to come home if being followed because then even if they don't get in, they have learned where you live. I learned to go to a well-lit place instead, if I could make it, to a police station, fire hall, etc.

    Now we taught this to our children 50-60 and more years ago, because it's plain old common sense.

    Did parents stop teaching it for some reason since then? Why??? Because it's a valid lesson and because this could have turned out even worse for this young lady, she could have ended up dead.

    Whatever happened to plain old common sense? It seems to have quietly died somewhere along the line because it's certainly less common than it once was.