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Cary police officers target drivers who text

Posted June 18, 2014

— Distracted driving has been a contributing factor in 71 crashes in Cary since 2013. Police say that's why officers were on the roads Wednesday, targeting drivers who text.

Police stopped 89 drivers along Cary Parkway and Maynard Road for various violations, including texting while driving, speeding, expired registration and seat belt violations. Many received warnings.

Police say it's hard to prove whether someone is texting or using their phone for things such as GPS navigation, which is legal. Texting while driving in North Carolina carries a $100 fine, plus $190 in court costs.

"We know texting is a big piece of distracted driving," said Cary police Lt. Steve Wilkins. "A distracted driver who's texting may not have their eyes on the road at all, and they may not see that threat. They may not perceive a hazard."

Police say distracted drivers can take as long as three seconds to stop their vehicle if there is a problem, which translates into 264 feet.

"It's so tempting to use that phone while you're in your car, while you're driving. That's what we're trying to share with people, that's a very dangerous thing to do," Wilkins said.


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  • ashbabyec Jun 19, 2014

    Speaking of donuts and eating and wasted tax dollars, I always see Cary cops out eating all over Cary and it always packs at a time. Sometime more than 4-5 together. Who is patrolling the town? Is that even legal with the department?

  • ashbabyec Jun 19, 2014

    Seems to be a general consensus on Cary Police and their allocation, or rather waste of time spent at tax payers expenses. Having lived prior in both Raleigh and Cary and observing the difference between how the two departments operate, well, the comparison is pure comical.

  • mvl613 Jun 19, 2014

    all behind the mighty dollar but yet again it is cary and these so called protect and serve guys have nothing else to do in this wonderful town, I wonder how many of these cops break these rules on a daily basis, handing out tickets to the middle class what else do you want from us? go fight some real crime everyone knows cary cops are the worst and if your dumb enough to hold your phone up and show everyone you are texting then shame on you hey cops dont worry they have something called talk to text works great... see you at the doughnut shop

  • Redditor Jun 18, 2014

    I wrote this comment while driving down Walnut Street. While composing this message, I passed two Cary police cars, occupied, and sitting stationary in parking lots pulled along side each other; talking. Now...in response to this campaign, I first say it's a total joke and further creates an image of this town to other jurisdictions that nothing happens. I have heard from other officers that the mockery that is the Cary Police Department is a laughing stock and tale end of most internal departmental jokes; I cannot wait to hear from these same officers after they read this comedy. I'll make sure to re-route and avoid this town at all costs. I wouldn't want to be "targeted" by the indomitable Cary policeman because I pick my iPhone up to change a song I am listening to or check an email. Momentary lapses in concentration attributed to accidents because of texting are as measurable as the amount of officer involved crashes because they were running a tag, or facebooking; let's target thi

  • viking416 Jun 18, 2014

    At least this will get the CPD out of the parking lots and coffee shops. I swear there are more cops in Cary then Raleigh...it's crazy! I would love to see their budget and compare to othe towns of the same size....way to many cops in Cary!

  • Jason Grantham Jun 18, 2014
    user avatar

    why in the world would they broadcast this before it even happens? or even after the fact for that matter....cant prove it, we all know that....I see more CPD officers texting and typing while driving than anybody.

  • ashbabyec Jun 18, 2014

    This is the dumbest enforcement ever. Basically, now anyone that reads this or knows already will say, I was on my phone using the GPS. Real crime is out there Cary PD...go fight some!

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jun 18, 2014

    Can we please just have single, generic DWD, Driving While Distracted, law?

    Then, it will cover everyone who isn't paying attention...which gives us more flexibility to educate and make our roads safer for all. Other States do this.

    e.g. Eating, Smoking, Fiddling with the radio/GPS/phone, constantly staring at your children in the backseat

  • aqualung Jun 18, 2014

    Thank goodness. Just drive behind a car that's weaving and the driver is either talking on a cell phone or texting. Drive forward and check it out. It's so obvious, and I can't believe how clueless they are. Their driving skills are horribly impaired and drivers around them (assuming they're not doing the same) can spot it immediately.