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Cary police investigating middle school PTA

Posted September 13, 2011

— Cary police are investigating an allegation of embezzling by members of the parent-teacher association at West Cary Middle School, according to Greg Thomas, a spokesman for the Wake County Public School System.

Thomas said that police had alerted the school system to the investigation. Thomas noted that PTAs are independent organizations, not supervised by the schools.

Cary police said PTA members reported about $8,000 missing from their account and believe it was an inside job. 


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  • Backtonature Sep 15, 2011

    Wow! For all of you PTA haters out there: No group is ever perfect, however there are a lot of great people out there freely giving their time (and often covering costs at their own expense) to serve the schools to make them a better place with extra programs and to support programs that couldn't happen without PTA money. Unfortunately there are a few bad eggs in every organization. I am sure there are those who take advantage of their "power" but with most PTA s I have worked with most genuinely just want to help AND ARE CONSTANTLY BEGGING FOR OTHERS to step up and help too. So if your child is going to school & you are just sitting home on your behinds whining about your awful PTA, step up and become involved! There is a place for everyone....just don't pocket the money! And yes, if there is money missing at West Cary, some of that would be what I contributed too.

  • jkhart Sep 15, 2011

    Unfortunately, school PTA boards tend to draw people who are willing to use that position to feed their own ego, to get special benefits for their own little darlings, or to use the PTA funds in ways not approved. Many a PTA President will take her friends on the Board out to lunch and charge it to the PTA, justifying it because they talked about PTA business for a few minutes while they were there. I knew one PTA President who used her position to make sure that her daughter or her daughter's class won every contest the school held. And if you were one of her buddies, your ideas got promoted in meetings, and if you weren't, you would find yourself 'accidentally' left off the agenda. Corruption in politics starts in the PTA.

  • AboveItAll Sep 14, 2011

    Why should the kids suffer for the ignorance of adults???

  • AboveItAll Sep 14, 2011

    Whoever made the statement representing "thewestcarycommunity" need to speak for themselves, because "thewestcarycommunity" is not ignorant, but what you have stated shows that you are! As a part of "thewestcarycommunity" I am proud to say that I support West Cary Middle School, the Principal and the teachers and I appreciate all the hard work they do each and everyday to educate our children! This isolated incident has nothing to do with the Principal, the teachers or what West Cary stands for! This has to do with a parent who came in and stole from the kids. Who cares if you have your store card set up or not for mond=ey to go to West Cary. One monkey don't stop the show! Have you seen the news lately?? Our budget in the school system is being cut left and right...so yes, ALL SCHOOLS are reaching out to the community for school supplies! If you care enough about the children, you would not mind bringing in school supplies because thats who the supplies are used for!

  • Its the who what Sep 14, 2011

    This would not surprise me. Many of us who are parents of students at West Cary do not give a DIME to the school in general becasue the principal, for one, has proven a lack of fiscal responsibility. Teachers are constantly asking for paper and other supplies that are provided at my other child's school. So I provide things directly to the teachers. (I do not even have my store cards linked (VIC, etc.) because I can never find out how that money is accounted for.) Where did their supply money go? And now the PTA?


    EVERY school asks for school supplies and cleaning materials at the beginning of the year. In fact, the stuff you buy may not even go to your kid!!!! You can't blame the principal for that but if you have other examples, let us know!!

  • Its the who what Sep 14, 2011

    Thieves are common in the town of Cary and they ARE citizens of Cary. They have an attitude that they are "Royalty" in the schools and their kids are the only thing that matters. They walk around like they own the school. They are a clique that serves no other purpose than to put their own spoiled kids on a pedestal at the expense of other well deserving kids. I am glad that someone shined the light on these roaches in the school. Unfortunately, the incompetent Cary PD investigating the case. Those overpaid meter maids are sure to mess this up because it does not involve writing tickets or shooting people!

  • gscofield51 Sep 13, 2011

    How sad!

  • Mean Old Mom Sep 13, 2011

    Maybe it was "for the children".....

  • affirmativediversity Sep 13, 2011

    Maybe they "spoofed" the balance. Hey, I hope Dt. Young didn't take the call...he has a bad habit of "accidently" erasing telephones!

  • PA Girl BA Sep 13, 2011

    And people complain about Durham and their schools and all the problems that are here. Finally...something going down in Cary. It just shows there are problems in every town - not just Durham.