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Cary police accepting applications for Citizens Police Academy

Posted January 5, 2015

Cary Police

— The Town of Cary Police Department is accepting applications for the Citizens Police Academy.

Applications will be accepted until Feb. 6. at 5 p.m. Enrollment is limited to Cary residents ages 18 or older. The free course meets for three hours a week for 12 weeks from Feb. 18 to May 6. 

Citizens who enroll can learn about criminal and constitutional law, patrol, criminal investigations, youth services, DWI detection, domestic violence and will take a trip to the firing range. 

The class is a prerequisite for citizens interested in becoming members of the police department’s Citizens Assisting Police (CAP) Team.

For more, including application information, email mike.smith@townofcary.org, search “Citizens Police Academy” at TownofCary.org or call 919-380-4218.


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  • Dont playa hate- congratulate Jan 7, 2015

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    What do you base your comment on? Have you looked at the officer to citizen ratio and how it compared with other jurisdictions? Have you looked at the FBI crime stats for Cary? FYI, there is plenty of crime in Cary. The low crime rate you speak of is in violent crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, etc. Please do some homework before you spout off nonsense. Did it ever occur to you that the low crime rate could be attributed to the outstanding work done by the PD? (that you obviously are oblivious to) Did you ever think that the Citizen's Police Academy is a way to open the PD's doors to let the citizen become aware of the job they do? This is not a "spy on your neighbor" program. It is to enlighten the public at to the actual functions of the police, and encourage them to get involved in the community. It is not for someone like you who only knows how to criticize from the sidelines.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jan 6, 2015

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    I already value the work that the police do. I already work hard to fix the core problems in society that cause crime...poverty, equal rights for all, income disparity, etc. And...I don't live in Cary.

    Funny thing... In Cary, with its low crime, imagine if they enforced the laws that are broken every day...like speeding cars. Imagine if the cops stopped allowing anyone to exceed the Maximum Safe Speed Limit. At all. Ever. Do you think all of these folks who call for police enforcement would continue to call for police enforcement...when it actually affects themselves?

    There are other examples, but this is a good one that shows the hypocrisy of many folks who say they value police enforcement...but only do so because they can continue to skirt the law. It's called "privilege".

  • Neil Peek Jan 5, 2015
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    This is a fantastic opportunity for citizens to participate and give back. I was in the very first class 17 years ago.

    Very enlightening

  • The Real Truth Jan 5, 2015

    Why is this even necessary? Cary already has so many cops its like a police state. There is virtually no crime in Cary. Now we need citizens to spy on other citizens?

  • scg Jan 5, 2015

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    What's your reason for not signing up?

  • scg Jan 5, 2015

    Wonder how many will take advantage of this oppurtunity, and give up the right to complain.

  • gregbscis Jan 5, 2015

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    Obviously, a person that needs to sign up to either confirm this is true about Cary PD and fix it as a citizen or learn the real truth about Cary PD. Whiners make things worse. Winners make things better.

  • gregbscis Jan 5, 2015

    I suggest Cary citizens apply. You want to know more about your police department and discover what is true and false about your department, this is a perfect way to find out next to Police Ride-Alongs. If I lived in Cary, I would apply.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jan 5, 2015

    Why not do what George Zimmerman did and just appoint yourself as a citizen watch commander? Then, you too could follow innocent children around as much as you want...and rationalize it (at least in your own mind).