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Cary pizzeria owner arrested on drug charges

Posted August 6, 2014

Michael John Ferstler

— Cary police arrested a pizzeria owner Tuesday on charges he was peddling more than food.

Michael John Ferstler is charged with possession of marijuana, opiates and LSD and with using Michelangelo's Pizza, at 941 N. Harrison Ave., to store and sell drugs. 

According to the arrest warrant, officers believe Ferstler, 35, had a couple ounces of pot and more than 200 pills of Oxycodone.

Police also charged him with possession of a weapon mass destruction, asserting that he also had a sawed-off shotgun at the restaurant.

He was being held on $500,000 bond.


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  • Don Dickerson Aug 15, 2014
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    Interesting that I just watched a video on the war in Afghanistan that showed our troops relaxing a bit during the "break" local militants needed to harvest the poppy fields. Moral relativity is SO screwing this country up.

  • solarcableguy Aug 7, 2014

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    Yes it is!

  • solarcableguy Aug 7, 2014

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    The problem is that we let drug producing countries walk all over us. Look at the border issues related to immigration and drug trafficking.

    In my opinion, the systematic poisoning of our citizens with these drugs should be considered an act of war for those countries that have so much corruption that they let it lead their economy and do little to nothing to stop it. Its time we start really doing something about this by going after the source of the drugs no matter where they reside and sealing the border.

    Who would start to bail out a sinking ship before plugging the leak or at least doing both of those things simultaneously? Until the easy access to drugs stops there will always be drug problems. If you don't believe me just take a look at Chicago the last 3 years and all of the violence brought to that city by drugs from a foreign source.

    Wake up folks!

  • streetglide Aug 7, 2014

    probably moved from Durham to Cary to expand this business! :-)
    more money in Cary, to much drug competition in Durham. !!

  • Lightfoot3 Aug 7, 2014

    "Do we really need a law calling a sawed of shotgun a weapon of mass destruction? As a juror I'd nullify that charge." - 42

    As a juror, I'd convict. While I wish they would just list it as sawed off shotgun, I'm not going to let a criminal go free just because of what an object is labeled in the law. He's not being unfairly charged because of the wording.

    "Who is the victim is his crimes?" - Minarchist


  • heard-it-all-before Aug 7, 2014

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    probably the sawed off shotgun. they don't play around with that... as you can see with his charge of a weapon of mass destruction. exactly what a sawed off shotgun is. BIG no-no.

  • 45ACP Aug 7, 2014

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    It's the law. Do you not want the law enforced?

  • Brian Jenkins Aug 7, 2014

    HANS thinks laws prevent drug use. LOL how is that "war on drugs" working for you? More drugs on the streets than ever. Especially heroin. Dirty, cut up, dirty dirty drugs. Your laws and force do nothing to stop the problem. You must be racist for wanting to lock up minorities for petty drug crimes too. Drug laws hurt minorities. You racist.

  • Brian Jenkins Aug 7, 2014

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    Cool story. Sop who is the VICTIM? No one. Its a CHOICE. How dare you use FORCE from government to tell another person what to put in THEIR body. Force is evil and immoral just like drug use.

  • Brian Jenkins Aug 7, 2014

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    Do you know what anarchy is? No courts, laws, police, nothing. What are you talking about???? How do you get anarchy from a crime with no victims? Im a Minarchist so please explain. Do you even know the difference between anarchy and minarchy? Probably not. You;re an emotional wreck.