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Cary pair admit to slashing tires

Posted April 12, 2011

— Two people have admitted to slashing the tires on up to 30 vehicles in western Cary over the weekend, police said Tuesday.

Spencer Logan Todd, 18, of Murray Glen Drive, and Christopher Nicholas Cover-Garcia, 17, of Playford Lane, were arrested following an anonymous tip, police said.

Investigators have found only nine vehicles with slashed tires so far, and they asked anyone whose tires were damaged late Sunday or early Monday to come forward.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Cary police at 919-469-4324 or Cary Crime Stoppers at 919-226-2746.


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  • jefflogan Apr 13, 2011

    It never ceases to amaze me how ready people are to condemn those whom they do not know. Just as the posters here would not care to be defined by the worst act they have ever committed, so should that courtesy be extended to others.

    I happen to know the Garcia's, and Chris, personally, and I am sure they are as horrified by this as anyone else - even more so. AND I am sure they will make restitution to those who were harmed, and ensure their son is made aware of the magnitude of his mistake.

    This is truly the case of a good kid making a terrible mistake. For others to think they can sit in judgement, particularly for someone they do not know, is extremely arrogant, and unnecessary.

  • Waitforit Apr 13, 2011

    A "confession" is somewhat anticlimactic after you've most likely shown up on multiple security cameras during your 30 hit crime wave. This wasn't an altruistic gesture... just two geniuses who are obviously a sandwich short of a picnic and got caught in the act.

  • DangYankee Apr 13, 2011

    @cantbtaught: The Garcia family on Playford have lived in the Whitebridge s/d, since purchasing the house in 1998, so not a new arrival in Cary. Just punks with nothing better to do, and not supervised by their parents.

  • drjones74 Apr 13, 2011

    Suburbs have never been the utopia they are made out to be. Things like properly raising kids must be faced head on no matter whether you are a single crack addict or a married couple making 100k a year a piece.

  • DangYankee Apr 13, 2011


    At least another media outlet published their photos. Some of these slashings happened in my subdivision, typically the left rear tire. Not noticed by the owner initially, they nearly had a blowout/accident. Seems it's also been happening in the Green Hope HS parking lot.

    Fortunately I keep my SUV in the garage. My tires cost at least $200 each.

  • same ole story Apr 13, 2011

    It seems more and more of the cary people like being in the headlines???? What a great place to raise a family..... WELCOME TO CARY THE NEW DURHAM!!!!!!!!!! Crime keeps going up and up and up!!

  • IAMAmerican Apr 13, 2011

    Send them to Prison for a month with Buba, that'll change their mind about "hating" Cary! Make them pay restitution and Pain and Suffering! Don't let Punks get by with this, make an example out of them!

  • ccs1920 Apr 12, 2011

    One weekend in jail for each tire slashed, full restitution and 100 hours of community service. I think that would get their attention

  • slayerhil Apr 12, 2011

    "Could be a lot more per tire. Just recently replaced four tires on my SUV and spent close to $800 total."

    I agree and took that into consideration; but even so, the avg cost of a tire still falls into the $80-$100 range for most cars these days. You add new valve stems, balancing and alignments and the costs start going up even more. For SUVs and trucks, it's easy to drop $800-$1000 on tires. My estimate was an approximation at best.

  • Scubagirl Apr 12, 2011

    ONLY 9.....come on! That's 9 too many. A hand slap will NOT be sufficient here as they have a total disregard for others and their property. Hit them where it hurts-THEIR toys and pocket book.