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Cary operation prevents sale of alcohol to minors

Posted December 30, 2015

— Cary police conducted a pre-New Year’s Eve sting Wednesday night in an effort to prevent underage drinking during holiday celebrations.

A Kangaroo Express on Tryon Road got caught up in Operation Blackjack, which focuses on stopping underage drinking and getting businesses to follow the law. Officers said a clerk at the convenience store sold a bottle of beer to a volunteer teen working with the Cary police.

One of the other locations that officers and volunteer teens hit was a Food Lion in the Swift Creek Shopping Center. The volunteer teen walked in and tried to purchase alcohol, but walked out empty handed. The cashier carded the teen and refused to sell her alcohol.

“We just want to make sure we’re educating our public,” said Lt. Tracey Barker.

The goal of Operation Blackjack is to stop businesses from selling alcohol to minors, but Barker said not everybody is getting the message.

“We had one location that we went to tonight, our volunteer went in with an undercover officer and they actually made a purchase of a single beer. The clerk actually did look at the ID and then still sold,” he said.

Barker said that officers visited 27 locations around Cary, including grocery and convenience stores. He said six citations were issued to clerks for selling alcohol to minors, which is the same amount as last year.

Those cited face a $250 fine and 25 hours of community service.


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  • Greg Magnus Dec 31, 2015
    user avatar

    Whatever, years ago when I was working at a Kangaroo o Capital Blvd. I took a fake ID, I called the RPD and hey said they would come out and follow up with the suspect, 2 months later we took part in a ALE training class, they said they would follow up on all reports, when I asked him about my instance he was quiet embarrassed when I held up the fake ID after no follow up by RPD or the ALE. So it's not about enforcement, it's about the revenue!!

  • Bill Huntington Dec 31, 2015
    user avatar

    So they prevented the sale to kids by sending a kid into the store to buy booze? That's some fuzzy legal stuff right there.

  • Jim Hinnant Dec 31, 2015
    user avatar

    Who wrote this incorrect headline?

  • Brandon Manning Dec 31, 2015
    user avatar

    Roscoe, it's must be really hard being that stupid. It's people like you that are the down fall to this country. It's obvious you have no idea what the job of law enforcement is. Oh, and by the way, FM stands for fire marshal not federal marshal like you're thinking it does. FBI and U.S. Marshal (pretty sure that's who you were meaning) have nothing to do with the sale of alcohol to minors. The ALE agency run these kinds of operations all the time. However, in case you didn't know it, they can't be in every where all the time. So therefore, it's up to the local law enforcement agencies to do these operations. These special operations are one of the first lines of defends against attempting to curb this illegal activity. If you stop it at the places that are selling it to the minors then guess what! They don't have to arrest the minors when they're out drunk driving, or so we don't have to pick them up and take them to the morgue. So in future post, please keep your opinions to yourself

  • Roscoe P Coltrane Dec 30, 2015
    user avatar

    What is the need for a "special operation"? Does law enforcement not attempt to curb this illegal activity already? This is about as stupid as trying to teach a fish how to swim. In fact, here in NC, even without the aid of city police, county sheriffs and state troopers, there are 2 agencies, who specialize in just this particular crime. You know...the alphabet groups. ALE and ATF. Throw in the FBI and FM's and the sale of alcohol to minors, should never even be an issue. I think I will just load up my peace keepers and see how many road blocks I can drive through, while refusing to answer any questions or provide any identification.