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Cary OKs police station near standoff site

Posted February 25, 2011

— The Town Council voted Thursday to put a temporary police substation in a neighborhood where a man was killed recently in a standoff with police.

Cary plans to put a permanent substation in the area by late next year as part of a new fire station, but the council set aside $70,000 to pay for a temporary site until then. Residents have asked that the temporary substation be in the Cary Park Town Center, which is near the site of the Feb. 10 standoff.

Devon Mitchell, 19, held seven people hostage inside a Wachovia bank for several hours before police snipers shot and killed him when he walked out of the bank with the last of the hostages.


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  • ThePhwner Feb 25, 2011

    Even the town of Creedmoor has a Sheriff's substation, as does the "town" of Wilton in south Granville county. This has nothing to do with Cary being "ritzier" than other areas. Leave it to NC residents to complain about increased police protection.

  • nbcteacher Feb 25, 2011

    This decision makes sense. Once again, Cary steps up and does the right thing. People living in West Cary should get the same service and police response time as those in East Cary. I continue to be impressed with the quality of the the Cary Police Dept...just need a few more of them out this way.

  • jonathanandpaula23 Feb 25, 2011

    all of you need to grow up......you wouldn't feel this way if it were your family members in the bank or in that neighborhood, you'd want as much police presence as possible with the hopes of curbing some violence and crime. and no, I don't live in cary nor am i from cary.

  • Carolina MeerKat Feb 25, 2011

    Councilwoman Robinson should run for Mayor.

  • LuvMyLife Feb 25, 2011

    Jealousy isn't what Anonemoose is saying. Because these people live in Cary does that mean they should be safer than any other citizen in the US? I agree with anonemoose. This will be a substation and they usually aren't manned 24/7 like the regular police stations. People in Cary need to open their eyes and realize that no place in this world is safe anymore - no matter the police presence.

  • tommys5 Feb 25, 2011

    KneeJerk Reaction 1. an immediate unthinking emotional reaction produced by an event or statement to which the reacting person is highly sensitive; - in persons with strong feelings on a topic, it may be very predictable

  • kikinc Feb 25, 2011

    JustAName-It's not just because of the bank hold up. It's because of the amount of crime that's been coming out of that apartment complex and the surrounding areas. Other robberies, car break-ins, etc. I heard of the substation going in about 6 months ago. They're just moving in a little ahead of schedule.

  • seaturtles246 Feb 25, 2011

    anonemoose - gwow up!

  • JustAName Feb 25, 2011

    This guy was going to commit suicide by police officer, this branch happened to be the one he chose. Just park one of the police cruisers in the lot, like it is done elsewhere in town. No need to spend $70k.

  • Blues Man Z Feb 25, 2011

    Anonemoose is just jealous that he doesn't or can't live in Cary. That's OK Enfield needs you.