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Cary mayor's home burglarized

Posted February 8, 2012

— Mayor Harold Weinbrecht said Wednesday that his home was broken into early Tuesday, but an alarm scared the burglar off.

A man entered a screened-in back porch of Weinbrecht's house in the Wynston Ridge neighborhood in south Cary at about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, the mayor said. He had just left for work, but his wife was home.

The burglar tripped a motion detector, which triggered an alarm and caused the intruder to flee, Weinbrecht said. Nothing was taken from the home, and no one was injured.

Police used a K-9 to search the neighborhood but didn't find the burglar.

"I've never been prouder of our police department," Weinbrecht said. "I am even more proud to be in a town as safe as Cary.”


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  • Its the who what Feb 10, 2012

    You Cary people are so nieve. Your citizen will even rob town leaders. Wake up!!! One of the most underestimated crime ridden towns in NC. The mayor will try to fool you with his comments but I wonder what he would have said if this "Sudafed stealing, muddy boot wearing" criminal would have not been scared and got to his wife? I dont know why he would be scared, Cary cops are ticket writers not crime fighters.

  • carsguy Feb 9, 2012

    Sorry to disappoint folks with the "Cary bashing" but I also had a prowler around my house in Cary. I live in an older, very modest neighborhood. When I called 911 the Cary police (several) were there within minutes with a K-9. I'm not the mayor, just a plain Cary citizen and I appreciated their quick response efforts to make me feel safe.

  • not my real name Feb 9, 2012

    They wouldn't have sent the dogs looking for suspect in an "attempted" burglary for ANYONE else in the city....except the mayor, chief of police, etc. No wonder he's proud. Regular citizens would NOT have gotten that kind of attention. It's more likely police would not even show up to make out a report since nothing was taken and nobody was injured. He must live in a bubble.

  • Bill of Rights Feb 9, 2012

    I wonder if Mr. Weinbrecht will consider lawfully arming himself and his family for the next home invasion. It happened once, and it could happen again, right?

  • independent_thinker Feb 9, 2012

    "Our society has declined to the point where children can't walk down the street alone anymore, but no one wants to talk about why. If you promote "diversity" over unity and shared values, you eventually reach a society that's not far removed from anarchy and tribal warfare."

    Using flawed logic, a lack of data, and emotion to fuel a false premise.

    Fact: Crime in NC and most of the country is lower now than the "good old days" in the 1970s. You may hear more of it with the 24/7 news cycle, but it's lower. Murder and violent crime in NC was appallingly high 35 years ago - check the FBI crime stats.

    You apparently wish to make a point about diversity, but facts and data prove you're wrong by 180 degrees. Since most child abductors, serial killers, and pedophiles are white males - and the overwhelming population of prisoners in the US is White, I'd love to understand the basis for your argument.

    Anarchy? Spare us the histrionics

  • lynne0312 Feb 9, 2012

    This is so ridiculous. Weinbrecht is *proud* to live in a town where his home was just broken into? Any other normal person would be looking to move out of a neighborhood with an attempted break-in despite having an alarm system. And in broad daylight! Wow.

  • dollibug Feb 9, 2012

    Interesting statement, MR. Mayor...
    although the last statement is a bit confusing....
    So was the mayor "proud" for the fact that the police department showed up with the K-9...OR was he just saying it because they DID NOT CATCH THE BURGLAR? I am glad that you are
    "even more proud to be in a town as safe as Cary"...and everyone needs to know this much....

  • kermit60 Feb 9, 2012

    I want him and the police to lie and say that this would be done for every resident. What a joke.

  • saturn5 Feb 8, 2012

    They bring out K-9 units for all home break-ins now? Amazing!

  • dollibug Feb 8, 2012

    So...the dogs were used but did NOT find the "burglar"...

    Sounds like this was a "very thorough investigation...with NO RESULTS"...but that is also ok...Mayor was still IMPRESSED with the police department...and regardless...he is "even more proud to be in a town as safe as CARY"...REALLY????????