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Cary man charged with exploitation of minor

Posted July 7, 2010

— A Cary man faces nine counts of sexual exploitation of a minor after authorities found child pornography on his computers and associated storage media.

Police seized files in April from Andrew Walter Mannebech, 26, of 124 Westover Hills in Cary.

Investigators monitoring peer-to-peer file trading networks noticed files known to be pornographic being downloaded to and uploaded from a particular Internet Protocol (IP) address. They traced that address to a Time Warner Cable Internet account registered to Mannebech.

In requesting the search warrant, Officer Kevin R. West wrote, "It is highly probable in my training and experience with this network that a household member of the account identified by Time Warner is active in possession and sharing known or suspected child pornography."

According to the warrant, Mannebach identifies himself on Facebook and other Web sites as a graduate student studying pharmacy at Campbell University.


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  • braddavis Jul 8, 2010

    They will make very quick work of him in prison.........

  • tracker Jul 8, 2010

    Is n't child pornography illegal in US? If it is not, IT SHOULD BE. The Internet Service Providers should strictly block the access to child pornography websites elsewhere in the world. With the trash & filthy TV shows & reality shows now running in US Television channels, the younger generation is growing up with all kinds of disabilities. If the media is cluttered with these kinds of shows and web has all these pornography images, what we are going to see is an explosion of pedophiles & child molesters. How are we going to raise little children amidst this crisis?

    These criminals who are caught, should be incarcerated. Else, they will hurt(molest) children. These animals cannot be rehabilitated...

  • Milkman Jul 8, 2010

    Dismald, when your family endures the pain mine has over having a daughter killed by an illegal immigrant with 4 prior convictions who ICE never saw fit to deport then you can call me what ever you wish. Until then, look up "bigot" yourself, then ask yourself if illegal immigrants are a race. I think you might find they are people within many races, just like child molesters.

  • cth1 Jul 8, 2010

    "Law enforcement is maintaining child porn on the Web strickly as "bait". If you, as a normal individual, wanted to see what these "sick" people are looking at can get you charged KRE2208"

    First of all... it doesn't matter if it's "bait" or a real child...if someone is going to download child pornography then they deserve to be punished. Second, most "normal" people don't want to see what these "sick" people are looking at. If you want to see that stuff... then that puts you in the same category as them.(in my opinion) So, I'm thankful LEO's are taking these sick individuals off the streets before they act on their sick fantasies!!
    Plus...they didn't get the guy for downloading just ONE picture.
    Hope he gets more than a slap on the wrist (if he's proven guilty, of course)!!!

  • bindimon Jul 8, 2010

    Is it possible to have unwanted images transfered to your computor when using a wifi hotspot? How do you protect youreself?

  • kre2208 Jul 8, 2010

    These is distrubing in many ways. Law enforcement is maintaining child pron on the Web strickly as "bait". If you, as a normal individual, wanted to see what these "sick" people are looking at can get you charged and labelled a sex affender. What other reason would they leave the stuff online?

  • Dismald Jul 8, 2010

    Milkman, please look up the word bigot. Sound familiar?

  • dryjr Jul 8, 2010

    Sure seems to be a lot of these guys in Cary.

  • Milkman Jul 8, 2010

    The state puts a lot of effort into catching people who just downloaded some very horrible images but have done nothing else wrong (the argument being that first pics, then kidnapping) but puts no effort into getting rid of illegal immigrants who are a lot more likely to run over that same child (while drunk) at the bus stop. I'd feel more safe if they deported the illegals.

  • witmasta Jul 8, 2010

    Maybe the guy didn't have encryption on his network and a malicious neighbor or passer by downloaded the content onto his machine. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?