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Cary man accused of soliciting young children online for sex

Posted November 20, 2013
Updated November 21, 2013

— A Cary man faces more than a dozen charges stemming from allegations that he solicited sex online from young girls as well as a police officer who he thought was a mother of two young girls.

Christopher Paul Temple, 30, of 8735 Macedonia Lake Drive, was arrested Tuesday on 12 counts of second-degree exploitation of a minor, three counts of first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of solicitation to commit first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

The charges stem from at least three cases dating to March in which he allegedly encouraged three girls – ages 13, 15 and 16 – in both Nebraska and North Carolina to send him sexually explicit photos of themselves, according to arrest warrants.

Investigators say he also kept nearly 1,000 pictures and videos of children, as young as 12, engaged in sexual poses.

Capt. Don Hamilton with the Cary Police Department said the case is one of the worst he's seen involving sex crimes against children.

"I think we've just reached the tip of the iceberg on this one," he said. "We've got a lot of forensic evidence to shift through, and unfortunately, I think we will find more."

According to a Nov. 6 search warrant for Temple's home, he had been chatting on a website about having sex with whom he believed to be a single mother and her 9 and 11-year-old daughters.

He was actually talking to a Cary police detective, according to the warrant, when he asked for nude photos of the woman and children and then suggested that they meet at the end of October while his wife was out of town.

According to online wedding registries, Temple and his wife were married Sept. 21. A police report indicates that he works as an auto adjuster for GEICO Insurance.

Temple was in the Wake County Detention Center Wednesday evening under a $2 million bond.


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  • 678devilish Nov 22, 2013

    He is sick and needs help. I sure hope he gets it.

  • sunshine1040 Nov 22, 2013

    I am so glad they got him and I hope his wife has a great support system to help her get through this. She most likely thought he was a real gentleman and treated her with respect while they were courting

  • puzzled Nov 22, 2013

    Oh, my heart aches for this man's family members. How their heart must be breaking this morning. I am thinking that where the population is so crowed and no one knows anyone it is easier to think you can get away with wrong. In smaller places where everyone knows everyone you well know what ever you do will be announced before the sun goes down and maybe this is best after all. I pray this man heart and mind will be cleansed.

  • Ijaz Fahted Nov 22, 2013

    "What in the world is going on in Cary. This seems to be happening there all the time."

    As Westernwake1 said, we have a really good cyber crimes division in Cary. It doesn't happen more often in Cary, we just find it and stamp it out.

  • kmanc4s Nov 22, 2013

    Ax Man says: "What in the world is going on in Cary. This seems to be happening there all the time."

    Sadly, I think this goes on everywhere with more frequency that we like to believe. Thankfully, our local law enforcement does a great job of catching these types of people!!

  • LuvLivingInCary Nov 22, 2013

    nothings going on in cary that is not happening in raleigh and garner…cary's just put lots of money in equipment and staffing to clean it up. just budgeted another 50K for equipment upgrades. notice the motor home sitting in the fenced in area underneath the cary police communications tower…well you've been warned...

  • AX MAN Nov 22, 2013

    What in the world is going on in Cary. This seems to be happening there all the time.

  • Milkman Nov 22, 2013

    Talk about a job I wouldn't want to have. Trying to pretend to be a young girl being talked into something like this. Ewwwwwww.

    And before they say this is the worst case he's ever seen, remember Brian Schellenberger?? Let's hope that guy from Cary never walks the streets again.

  • jawsofsteel Nov 21, 2013

    I live very close to Cary and I am very thankful of the actual effort put forward to catch people like this. Most of the time I even go in Cary with my gun unloaded. That is just how safe I feel. Thanks Cary PD

  • itsmyownopinion Nov 21, 2013

    I don't know them, but I especially feel bad for his wife, as I have a daughter probably close to her age, and Captain Morgan, you're right, this will affect a lot of people in their lives.