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Cary man accused of murder in Montgomery, Ala.

Posted November 30, 2012

— A 21-year-old man from Cary is in a Montgomery, Ala., jail under a $75,000 bond and suicide watch after police there say he shot and killed a man with whom he was living.

Zachary Stirewalt, 21, is charged in the death of Daniel Turman, 43, who was found with multiple gunshots at his home around 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Stirewalt, who was at the house at the time, was taken into custody at the scene as a person of interest and was charged Monday with murder, Montgomery police said.

Investigators said Turman, a father of two, offered Stirewalt temporary housing after learning that he recently left his home in North Carolina and had no place to live.

They have not offered a possible motive for the crime. An incident report indicates that Stirewalt was sober and did not resist arrest.

According to several social media sites and blogs, Stirewalt was a creative student who attended Appalachian University in Boone, where he was studying commercial photography.

Karen Suddreth, a spokeswoman for the university's registrar's office, said Stirewalt did not register for the fall semester but that he did attend classes this summer. Had he been enrolled this fall, he would have been on track to graduate in the spring.

Cary Eagle Scout accused of murder Cary Eagle Scout accused of murder

It's unclear why he was in Alabama or why he left home. He had also finished up an internship this summer in New York City.

A 2009 graduate of Green Hope High School in Cary, Stirewalt was an honors student involved in the National Honor Society and other student activities, including the high school marching band, Principal James Hedrick said.

"I hate to use the word 'model student' in describing any student, but Zac was a well-rounded student," Hedrick said. "(He was) very involved in the school, very involved in the community – a great kid."

He was also an Eagle Scout and an active member of White Plains United Methodist Church.

"I sincerely hope it's not true," Hedrick said. "I have a great deal of compassion for him and his family for having to deal with this."

Messages to Stirewalt's family were not returned Friday, but the church released a statement, saying it has been in contact daily with the family.

"Zach and his family have always been greatly active members of our community of faith for many years," the statement said. "We are praying for Zach, his family, and for Mr. Turman and his family in this very difficult and very sad time."


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  • ladybug68 Nov 30, 2012

    You know, I do not care if this kid is purple with orange polka dots and the same for the victim... this is a kid who had lots going for him and something went awry... That is sad for him and his family regardless of where he went to school and lived. The victim, he is a dad, a son, an uncle, a human so very sad for his family's loss as well, Losses all the way around here and both families need prayer..

  • Scubagirl Nov 30, 2012

    the color of his skin DOES NOT MATTER!!! By all accounts this young man was someone to be proud of and everyone speaks highly of him. Something happened to him to cause this-I merely offered one very possible scenario. For ANYONE else who all the facts were exactly the same (again REGARDLESS OF SKIN COLOR) I would have said the same thing. I, nor anyone else, was implying he should get off IF he did it, simply trying to find some logic in an act that seems to have none. We all, libs, wingnuts ALL want to understand. It's always hard to see such a promising life get destroyed.

    Two families are now hurting more than most of us will ever know, and hopefully never will. My heartfelt condolences to all of them.

  • Dynol Yn Cael Ei Nov 30, 2012

    Oh Lord, who brought race into this?

    Was it really necessary??

    Does it make you feel better to do so???

    I pray for everyone and everything that has a beating heart. I don't care what color they are.

    So drop your race card. It's gotten old and has lost its bite.

  • mmtlash Nov 30, 2012

    bicker bicker bicker all you folks do on here is bicker

  • Bartmeister Nov 30, 2012

    Where are all the left libs calling for his rights and wait until the details come out? Was the murder victim black or white? You left wingers always give me something to laugh at. Stick your head back in the sand, you're just embarrassing yourselves now.

  • Bartmeister Nov 30, 2012

    Up here, it is just according to "who" you are. wakemom

    Did you happen to notice the color of his skin? piene2


    Birds of a feather. Up here? Who you are? Skin color? bwahahahaha!!!!!! Keep stirring the pot!

  • Bose12 Nov 30, 2012

    I agree also Bullseye/Wakemom... I recall reading yesterday where someone offered a prayer to families of the young man/ Vietnam veteran and it garned all types of backlash.. Now, this violent act happens, and the situation is totally different... As I stated yesterday "all groups of people" commit violent crimes but to some posters on here, it is only "one group" of people. I dont know this young man and what really happened but whatever the case is, it is sad when someone loses their life to acts of crime.. both families suffer.."regardless of what quote on quote group committs the crime"

  • piene2 Nov 30, 2012

    "It's funny. How does this guy garner so much sympathy and people think he "needs our prayers", when any other murder suspect should be shot on sight? Weird.

    Did you happen to notice the color of his skin?

  • raleigh-cary Nov 30, 2012

    This is a sad story indeed, for the victim and his family of course, but also for the young man who killed him. If this is because of mental illness, it is no excuse and he must pay for his crime, BUT society has to do more to understand the nature of mental illness and realize how devastating it is to individuals and to families -- and to better respond to those who need help. Not saying this was involved at all, but if it was, then it is truly a sad, sad story.

    And to the person who posted -- "What we DO know is that he has been accused of murder and he lives in Cary which is becoming known for violent crime." -- I say simply, "What?" Cary - -becoming known for violent crime -- don't think so. Yes, there have been a few domestic murder cases there that generated a lot of press coverage, but I think when you look at violent crime rates involving murders, attacks, and rapes -- Cary will not be high on the list.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Nov 30, 2012

    "needs our prayers",

    Prayer never hurt anyone. Praying for you. I sure hope it helps in some way. :)