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Cary father pleads guilty in infant son's death

Posted January 6, 2009

— Diontay Deshone Williams, 25, pleaded guilty Tuesday to second-degree murder in the death of his 7-month-old son.

In August 2007, Cary police, fire and emergency medical personnel responded to a call from Williams’ house, of 1307 Castalia Drive, saying the child was in distress. The child was taken to Western Wake Hospital, where he died from his injuries.

The plea came as Williams was in the middle of his murder trial at the Wake County Courthouse. He was sentenced to nine to 12 years in prison.


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  • ezLikeSundayMorning Jan 7, 2009

    Life in prison and the death penalty are intended to keep the most dangerous people away from society. People who plot to kill, either because they like it or they think it solves their problems.

    Setting the exact sentence is hard. You can cast all the stones you want, but it is amazing what some people might do under extreme stress with no sleep. I don't know the circumstances of the child's death, but it does not AUTOMATICALLY mean life in prison.

    Assuming the chaotic scene I picture of a man incapable of coping, he should have simply walked out the door and asked a neighbor for help. I hope if someone comes to you with a screamy baby you will have the compassion to help and not judge.

  • sssh.. whisper Jan 7, 2009

    I am so tired of all these "people" who harm their children, who are arrested and tried to only face a court system with no backbone... this man should be going to prison for a long period of time... 2nd degree murder- that's all he got! Wow, no wonder we have so much crime- these "people" know they can get a way with this stuff. My prayers are with the baby- may your wings always protect you.

  • APXmom Jan 7, 2009

    9-12 yrs, and likely will be out in 5 or so! Outrageous! And such a very sad commentary on how we value the life of a child.

  • Ol Forrester Jan 7, 2009

    People remember this in November and un-elect the DA.

  • Ladybug Jan 7, 2009

    I agree - 9-12 yrs is not enough time. The Plea Deals are rediculous! They're just trying to keep the prison population down. People commit crimes because they know they can get by or plea out for a short term. It's a real shame that our society has let this happen.

  • ladyinblue72 Jan 7, 2009

    Just 9-12 years for killing your own child. What a joke! I wouldn't have offered him a plea with such a light sentence. Go to trial, find him guilty, and see what the jury would have given him. Why are the District Attorneys offering such deals?? People wonder what is wrong with the court system-well, it doesn't work, at least not for the victims. God bless the family.

  • giterdungirl Jan 7, 2009

    He needs to be locked up for life - or give him death penalty...

  • raggy831 Jan 7, 2009

    What can a 7 month of do that makes a father so mad? 9-12 years is not long enough! There are way to many DEALS being made by the court system, when there is a death there should be no DEALS.

  • sayitoutloud Jan 7, 2009

    This just irks me. Im so tired of hearing about these parents that are killing their own flesh and blood. I seen on Foxnews.com were a father killed his 2 year old son so he wouldnt have to pay the boys mother child support. I just dont understand it. Im a mother of 2 and there are times my kids irritate the heck out of me, but I would NEVER harm my kids.

  • PepperPoo Jan 6, 2009

    9 - 12 years? are you serious?