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Cary double-homicide suspect: 'I hope Jesus forgives me'

Posted December 21, 2015

— A Cary man called 911 Sunday to confess that he had strangled his mother and his girlfriend last week and wanted to surrender.

Brandon Lee, 34, of 24203 Havers Drive, is charged with two counts of murder and remains in the Wake County jail without bond.

Police found the body of Christa Lee, 58, at the Legacy Crossroads apartments on Havers Drive and the body of Krystal Juell Hylton, 28, at the Lofts at Weston Lakeside Apartments on Parktop Drive.

"I hope Jesus forgives me," Brandon Lee told the 911 dispatcher in a 13-minute call released Monday.

In a calm voice, Lee described killing his mother almost a week earlier, saying he strangled her when she attacked him with a knife and left her body in a bathtub.

"My mother wanted to kill herself," he said. "I didn’t want her to do that because it’s an unforgivable sin, and she was trying to kill me at the same time. I hope this all works out with the Lord."

Likewise, Lee told the dispatcher, he strangled Hylton on Saturday when she tried to leave him.

"My girlfriend was addicted to drugs and was running around," he said, noting he was calling from her apartment and that her body was "right here on the floor."

Lee said he had been drinking since Hylton's death "trying to get up enough nerve to turn myself in."

"I'm just destroyed about everything (that) went down," he said. "Give me the chair or whatever you need to do. It's just a terrible tragedy that happened."

In a brief court appearance Monday afternoon, Lee showed no emotion as he entered and asked for a court-appointed attorney.

Lee has had several scrapes with the law in North Carolina, but his most serious crime was a conviction for a sexual offense in Hawaii.


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  • Betsy Smith Dec 22, 2015
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    "Really sad someone did not pick up on this or get this man some help."

    Someone probably knew he was crazy but parents and lovers often give the benefit of the doubt and assume they know what someone crazy will do. Meds may help, but the truth is that most mental illness can't be cured. We will continue to allow violent criminals free reign because prisons are too expensive and too crowded with non-violent drug offenders.

  • Angel Bousquet Dec 22, 2015
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    What kind of evil possesses one to kill their own mother? Also, why do hatemongers latch on to any opportunity to spew prejudice and racism, citing various "facts". The world may never know...

  • Andrew Stephenson Dec 22, 2015
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    View quoted thread

    * Citation needed.

  • Tom Boswell Dec 22, 2015
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    The facts: if your partner is black you have a 35% higher chance of being involved in domestic violence but over a 300% higher chance of being killed.

  • Tom Boswell Dec 22, 2015
    user avatar

    The facts; if your partner is black you have a 35% higher chance of being involved in domestic violence. You have over 300% higher chance of being killed. American Indian is the only race that is higher.

  • LetsBeFair Dec 21, 2015

    There is only on word to describe this crime ... ! MURDER !

  • King Mopar Dec 21, 2015
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    Yea, I think they are a little off too, heck, I can't even buy 22 hollowpoints anymore due this mentality--and hunted all my life and supply of such, was NEVER an issue. Granted, it's their right to have the mentality that the end of the world is coming, stocking up food, supplies, weapons and ammo, but "some" of our fathers did the same, digging bomb shelters, stocking up food, weapons, ammo in the 50's. Until times get better, this mentality will stay the course. BOT=, how can a man, strangle his mother, + also kill his girlfriend. Will be a hard case for Jesus to listen to, am sure. Me thinks you need a fast ticket for him to listen, in person.

  • Barbara Horton Dec 21, 2015
    user avatar

    Clearly this man suffers from some mental disorder. Really sad someone did not pick up on this or get this man some help. Our MH system is so overloaded and stretched so thin that people are not getting the help they need. Prayers go out for the family and friends of these two women.

  • Roscoe P Coltrane Dec 21, 2015
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    Can't say that it is too far out there for a man to kill his girlfriend or the other way around, but what kind of man can muster the determination to strangle his own mother? I kinda have a thought that he is going to claim temporary insanity.

  • Watrice Woodridge Dec 21, 2015
    user avatar

    ^^^These comments...smh :-\^^^