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Cary approves bus-shelter art

Posted January 29, 2010

— Cary leaders on Thursday night approved a proposal to incorporate art into some of the town's bus shelters.

The plan calls for patterns taken from wallpaper designs from some of the town's historic buildings to be etched into the glass windscreens of up to 10 C-Tran bus shelters throughout the town.

Last year, the council approved $30,000 to hire Chapel Hill artist Susan Page to come up with the design.

The art could be in place by as early as April.


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  • Adelinthe Jan 29, 2010

    The dumbest most arrogant waste of money I've heard of since that fake Eiffel Tower thingy in the middle of Capitol Boulevard downtown.

    People are starving and living in the streets people. WAKE UP!!!

    Praying for the homeless and needy, and praying for these folks in Cary to get a CLUE.

    God bless.


  • HangOn Jan 29, 2010

    Slap in the face to the homeless guy sitting in that bus shelter.

  • squirrelsunlimited Jan 29, 2010

    Bus shelters! Imagine that. Take some notes Raleigh.

  • theartistformerlyknownasspeedy Jan 29, 2010

    Yeah. Why try and make them attractive? They should be boring and utilitarian. Dull people unite! Quash this evil plan before they start wanting to plant flowers or sweep the streets.

  • Wheelman Jan 29, 2010

    Why waste the money? You can get some gangbangers to come tag it for free. This will probably happen anyway.

  • ncwebguy Jan 29, 2010

    If the NC DOT was not so in bed with select billboard advertising companies, Cary could sell advertising space on the shelers (seen by riders and passers by) to help fund the bus system.

    Instead, Cary (and every other NC city with a bus system) loses that revenue. And since it is Cary, they have to spend even more to "pretty" it up, only use "earth colors", etc.

  • larky74406 Jan 29, 2010

    At least Cary has bus shelters. Raleigh is too stingy.

  • jrfergerson Jan 29, 2010

    Well Cary taxpayers be prepared to continually pay for replacement glass in those bus shelters.

  • Jimm57 Jan 29, 2010

    The grafitti will look beautiful and add some color to the town! Art at its BEST!!

  • garden Jan 29, 2010

    I've lived in Cary for 39 years and have seen the town waste money before but not in this silly fashion. Put the money to good use! Believe it or not, there are hungry senior citizens and children in Cary. How about feeding them with the money.