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Carthage man, 70, charged with raping 5-year-old

Posted April 27, 2011

— A 70-year-old man was charged last week with raping a 5-year-old child, according to the Moore County Sheriff's Office.

Feliciano Gomez Hernandez, of 200 Heavenwood Road in Carthage, faces charges of first-degree rape of a child, taking indecent liberties with a child and sexual battery.

Capt. Richard Talbert said that on April 20, staff at a local medical facility reported that a 5-year-old child had been sexually abused.

Hernandez was placed in the Moore County jail under a $100,000 secured bond. He was scheduled to appear in court on May 12.


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  • Evidence Is Everywhere Apr 28, 2011

    If there is fairness somewhere in this world...they'll place him in General Population...and turn their backs.

  • ajfuddermukker Apr 27, 2011

    That's just sick!

  • luv4dogs Apr 27, 2011

    My heart and prayers go out to the little girl. What a sick human being that old man is just disgusting!!!

  • wayneboyd Apr 27, 2011

    Why is he still living?????????????

  • susiesw Apr 27, 2011

    Poor little girl, I pray for her.-- tamelarobinette
    Nowhere in the article does it state that the child is a girl. People should not assume that when a child is raped it is automatically a girl. Childhood sexual abuse does happen to boys as well.

  • Pickupabook Apr 27, 2011

    I sure hope the weather will be hot, hot, HOT where he's going. Disgusting!!!!

  • Mark Hayes Apr 27, 2011

    Your not wrong bigal,keep on posting we got your back have friend that went thru same in order to legally be here there are just so many illegals from south of the border with family here who also got here illegally helping them,wife is in medical field sees them get free care everyday,it cost us 7 grand a year,dont't understand why other countries prevent this and we can't,must be why they all show up here,its the land of the free or just for free.

  • bigal02282 Apr 27, 2011

    I just hate it when I'm not even allowed to defend my own remarks after someone else quotes me to show me the error of my ways. Anyway, my wife is a legal immigrant from Canada whom we spent over $2500 in fees to bring here legally and who is a law-abiding citizen of this country now. For those of you not aware, a legal resident cannot become a citizen of this country if they break any laws. A legal resident is not allowed to utilize ANY public services of the US or they can be deported. (depending upon the type of visa they obtained). I had to sign a legally binding agreement with the US Government that if I brought my fiance (now my wife) into the US that I could not apply for any public assistance or she could not avail herself of any public assistance.

    None of this, however, applies to an illegal alien. Our government will bend over backwards to assist them. And YES, I've witnessed this again and again. You get kinda mad if you are a law-abiding CITIZEN.

  • tamelarobinette Apr 27, 2011

    They should throw all these child rapist and molesters on a deserted island and let em molest each other. Poor little girl, I pray for her.

  • FairPlay Apr 27, 2011

    If he is guilty he should go away for life! That is so sick... and just saying why is the bond so low?

    Hope he is here legally!!!!