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Carmuda Triangle or Southern Discomfort? Vote to name I-40/440 project

Posted August 13, 2012

— It's time for Triangle residents to vote on their favorite creative name for a three-year project to reconstruct Interstate 40/440.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation on Monday released the finalists in its competition to give the project a catchy name like Boston’s Big Dig or Carmageddon in Los Angeles.

Officials said about 370 people submitted names for the project, and the finalists were chosen by a panel of NCDOT judges.

The finalists are:

  • Carmuda Triangle
  • Crawleigh
  • South-Wake Remake
  • Southern Discomfort
  • Wake-Over

Residents are encouraged to vote online through noon Thursday for the winner.

The winning name will be announced Aug. 22 and used in all future references to the $168 million project, including on the project website.

The rebuild of 11 miles of I-40/440 – from U.S. Highway 1 in Cary to U.S. Highway 64/264 in Raleigh – will begin next spring or summer and last three years.

The project will require lane closures, sometimes leaving only two lanes open.

Officials said the section of highway is 30 years old, and workers need to dig down at least 2 feet to remove and replace concrete and asphalt on the road, shoulders and ramps.

Although they did not make the final five, the following entries earned an honorable mention from NCDOT:

  • Lane-Sanity
  • Fortyfication
  • I-40; Duke-0
  • Tar Hell
  • 40 Shades of Congestion
  • Lanes of Pain
  • Shouldhavebuiltalightrailinstead
  • Lordylordygetmeoffforty
  • Numb Buns
  • Constructipation – Waiting for traffic to get moving again
  • Y’all Crawl

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  • vance203 Aug 14, 2012

    so glad we used federal money to repave the very same section of I-40 that is going to be destroyed and reconstructed. that money could have gone to fund the 540 section that is now with toll plazas. If I lived in W. Wake Co, i'd be raising all sorts of heck!

  • LordHelpUsAll Aug 14, 2012

    How about widening some alternate routes before you ask all of us to pack in like sardines! I guess our road rage probabilities will be put to the test! Be nice everyone! We're all going to be in the same boat.

  • JAT Aug 14, 2012

    Still sounds just as silly this morning as it did yesterday. And Lone Voice - I seriously doubt the person who designed the poll and who has been receiving all the initial responses to their questions is doing it free of charge.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the roads they're going to re-do. Sure, when it got up to 110 a few weeks ago, one spot buckled but redoing all the roads is not going to prevent that. It's just a waste of money to get DOT employees job security for 3-5 years and create havoc for commuters.

  • webhype Aug 14, 2012

    you know they talk about alternate routes, one of them being I440 around Raleigh back to I40. Question is why didn't they prioritize rebuilding the section of the Beltline from I/40 to Wade Ave, replacing one of the most substandard bridges (over Hillsbourough and added the 3rd lane in each direction BEFORE tearing apart this section of I40 ? The other project is listed as less money. Do they have a clue, the I40 they are replacing is not the greatest but frankly think it could have waited until AFTER the Beltline widening project which would have added capacity to the route they are no touting as an alternate.

  • Half Red Half Blue Aug 14, 2012

    Traveling around Rocky Mount is a pain as well. There is so much road construction going with no work being done on it at all. It is like they are doing only a little bit of work one day a week or less.

  • ginny159 Aug 14, 2012

    i love the "shouldhavebuiltalightrailinstead" name, that really is awesome! and the TRUTH!!

  • BubbaDukeforPresident Aug 14, 2012

    All of these road destruction projects are unnecessary. They give these bids to the lowest estimate and they use substandard materials and then have five men stand around and watch one man work. Some stretches of I-40 have been in constant states of road destruction. Just do the job right and stop the good-old-boy system.

  • heylilliza Aug 14, 2012

    Wishing they had were still accepting names. I'd propose Ridiculousness. How much money was wasted adding the 3rd lane on I-40 between exits 312 and 306 only to have the lane taken away again?

  • justafella Aug 13, 2012

    I hope they include the 2 lane horror corridor from the Wade avenue exit to Us 1 in this construction. They ought to name this stretch "Pot Hole Alley".

  • nighttrain2010 Aug 13, 2012


    How about stop wasting my money on DOT projects instead? And no matter how bad the project will be (and it will be bad the government is doing it), only positive names will be approved. Have to keep up the happy and positive attitude about government led projects. So expect South Wake Remake or something similar

    Else people may get to thinking there are other simpler and less costly ways to do things than have the government do them....we simply can't have truth in advertising when it comes to the government....