Hundreds of applicants, thousands of jobs at Career Expo

Posted November 14, 2013

— More than 600 people came through the doors in just two hours Thursday for the Capital Area Career Expo.

The job fair, sponsored by WRAL and hosted by the Capital Area Workforce Development Board, featured 70 employers offering more than 1,500 positions.

The board's Brenda Wilkerson said that while unemployment remains high, she's seen an attitude change among employers and job seekers in the years since the depths of the recent recession.

"I see doors are definitely opening for people," Wilkerson said. "Even people who currently have jobs are going out and taking a look."

"Things are moving in the right direction, but we're still challenged, because we still have a lot of people out of work in our region," said Pat Sturdivant, director of the workforce development board.

Wilkerson pointed to the published Career Expo guide as a starting point for job seekers. "We always suggest you have a plan of attack. See who's here and see what jobs they are looking for," she said. 

Capital Area Career Expo Hundreds attend Capital Area Career Expo



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  • soapbox Nov 15, 2013

    clarify for WRAL. 1500 does not equate to "thousands". the word "thousands" implies multiple thousand, or more than 2000. Since 1500 is less than 2000, it would not be "thousands", and when you really look at the number, it is more like a few hundred -- A person

    Good point.

    Meanwhile, in other news, high tech job openings decline in NC AGAIN in October.

    So, Governor, where are the jobs, jobs, jobs you campaigned on?

    Governor? Governor!?? Governor!!!!

    (fade to crickets)

  • dogluv3r Nov 15, 2013

    Superman, a job is a job. When you are living off of other people's salary, and you are a decent person, you take a job at Burger King if you have to so you can support your family!

  • A person Nov 15, 2013

    clarify for WRAL. 1500 does not equate to "thousands". the word "thousands" implies multiple thousand, or more than 2000. Since 1500 is less than 2000, it would not be "thousands", and when you really look at the number, it is more like a few hundred

  • itsyoureternalsoul Nov 15, 2013

    I do not believe there were 1500 jobs. I do not believe there were 500 jobs.

  • mikeyfan5600 Nov 15, 2013

    Wow people who are so dependent on others to feed, cloth and pay for their needs didn't show up to try to get a job. Not surprising. Probably thinking, If I get a job I have to pay something for my healthcare and the President doesn't want that.

  • OpenM1nd Nov 14, 2013

    Speaking from the experience of someone who was laid off 7 times during his first 10 years out of college, here are just some more words of advice for those seekers with positive attitudes: 1) Be sure to send a thank-you note to every company representative with whom you spoke, re-iterating your 30-second sell or elevator speech. 2) Keep dialogue focused on their problems and needs and not on your need for a job. Reiterate some detail from the conversation and what makes you the right fit for solving that problem. 3) Re-review your resume, commercial, etc., based on any feedback that you received at the event. 4) Read the newspaper every day; current events may spell unpublished opportunities, and it's easy to miss things if your only source of news is online. 5) Keep the momentum going! Don't let disappointments predict your future or slow you down or change the way that you think; sometimes rejections have nothing to do with you! So focus on what you can control. Good luck!

  • superman Nov 14, 2013

    No mention of the type of jobs or the pay range for the jobs. Could have been Burger King. Sometimes writers just leave out important facts to make their story look good. Its what you dont say sometimes that is the most important issue.

  • warrcorick Nov 14, 2013

    Skills gap?=Low paying Educational system?

    How does NC expect to spend less money on Education than a single winner of it's own lottery, and have a highly skilled work force. Sounds like someone within needs an Education from
    another state, perhaps.

  • warrcorick Nov 14, 2013

    (An attitude change among employers?)

    Politics is the root of the problems afflicting NC. If the citizens(VOTERS) can't figure out the solution(VOTER BOX), then
    it's the citizens who will continue to suffer.

  • FairPlay Nov 14, 2013

    Actually the skills gap in the state is huge. I am on a workforce development board and there are thousands of unfilled jobs in the state because people lack the skills employers are looking for. This is mostly due to new manufacturing styles and tech jobs that have come up.