Career Expo connects employers, job seekers

Posted November 13, 2013

— Years after the official end of the most recent economic recession, thousands of people are still out of work. But that doesn't mean there are no jobs out there. A job fair planned in Raleigh Thursday aims to help match companies who need help with the right job seekers.

The Capital Area Career Expo is sponsored by WRAL and hosted by the Capital Area Workforce Development Board from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at North Carolina State University's McKimmon Center, 1101 Gorman St. in Raleigh.

"Things are moving in the right direction, but we're still challenged, because we still have a lot of people out of work in our region," said Pat Sturdivant, director of the workforce development board.

Among them is Troy Dolby. He returned to Raleigh after four years of contract work in Afghanistan and is a regular visitor at Raleigh's Capital Area Workforce Centers.

"I just started looking as soon as I came back," Dolby said. 

He has had a couple of interviews, but the job search can be frustrating. He'll be in attendance Thursday at the Career Expo, hoping to make a good impression on employers. WRAL sponsors Thursday job fair WRAL sponsors Thursday job fair

"It's a great place to actually put a name with a face and let people see who you are," he said.

Sturdivant says many job seekers are in their 40s and 50s, looking for work in what's supposed to be their prime earning years.

"At that age, they are competing with a lot of younger people, and they see that as a disadvantage," she said.

The facetime available at the Career Expo may help some overcome that disadvantage and make a true connection.


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  • warrcorick Nov 14, 2013

    lets see if I can help(smile), VOTE!

    I am sure quite a few posters on this site voted for the political posse that's giving you the business right now. There is nothing you can do right now but grin and take it.
    Now, it you vote in 2014, for the same posse that's giving you the business right now, then smile while you're taking it.

  • OpenM1nd Nov 14, 2013

    If you attend the career fair, spend time not only with the corporate recruiters, but also connecting with other seekers. Do not make the mistake of overlooking a networking opportunity, even if nothing else pans out. Smile to everyone and be positive; you don't know who is watching or if things may come back your way because of a referral from a contact with another candidate.

  • Pseudonym Nov 13, 2013

    Save your time, wear and tear on interview clothes, and gas money. Unless you need a stash of free pens or post-it notes. I have NEVER gotten a job from one of these job fairs.

  • guynraleigh Nov 13, 2013

    I agree no one is hiring, thejob fairs are a joke they also are not hireing just showing up there. Going back to college and major in what. After college all you have to show is debt and can't pay the school this, this will be the next issue we will have to deal with college debt increasing. With the presidents rating going down hill I don't see a chanhe in the job market soon. What are people to do with the state limiing 6 months only for unemployment and not as much as you use to get.
    just a circle of madness with no end.

  • colinmb123us Nov 13, 2013

    quadrathlete - I have degrees in mechanical engineering and physics and the only classes where I had to listen to "liberal bull" were those in the arts (and even in those it was very rare if at all). Seems to anyone with a lick of common sense that your brother used that as an excuse.

  • harmstrong4 Nov 13, 2013

    I am 71..not looking anymore. I have degrees in management and Communications Engineering. Not a very physical job...but I am to old and cannot compete with the youngsters with their degrees in Literature, liberal arts..greek lit..etc..All of those very desired degrees...hahahaha..
    and like has been said on here...they are not hiring just compiling resumes for when they do start hiring...if ever.

  • quadrathlete Nov 13, 2013

    "At that age, they are competing with a lot of younger people, and they see that as a disadvantage," she said.

    Sounds a lot like age discrimination to me...same sentence using gender or race would be prosecutable, dont ya think?

    As a black woman (gender, and /or race), they are competing with a lot of white men, and they see that as a disadvantage," she said.

    BTW, I have interview tons of folks with a college degree that I would not hire to clean my car. Lots of kids are just dumbkoffs these days coming out of college. At one point, my brother who is 37 wanted to go back and finish his degree . He tried but sitting in class listing to all the liberal bull made him decide if thats what college is these days, he is out.

  • colinmb123us Nov 13, 2013

    Lets see if I can help out all of the negative people that post here:
    1. They aren't hiring anyone, they are just taking resumes.
    2. They only have low paying jobs.
    3. They say I'm overqualified (LOL, thats rich).
    4. They say I'm underqualified
    5. They have some stupid college degree requirement that I dunt think is nessassary.
    6. .......

    Please help fill in the whiner blanks.