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Car takes out utility pole near NCSU campus

Posted November 23, 2011

— A single-car wreck knocked out a utility pole at the intersection of Brooks Avenue and Clark Avenue early Wednesday morning and kept the street closed for about five hours, police said. 

A 20-year-old male ran into the pole around 2:45 a.m., but was not hurt, police said.

Alcohol was suspected to be a factor. The name of the driver has not been released. 

Progress Energy crews were on scene overnight to begin replacing the utility pole. The road was reopened around 7:45 a.m.

No other information was available. 


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  • dixon1014 Nov 23, 2011

    By the looks of the photos it looks to be a Black Z-71 Tahoe. Maybe not specifically z-71, but a black tahoe.

  • braddavis Nov 23, 2011

    I can't see how WRAL can post that alcohol may have been involved without knowing for sure.....if not that's libel. I bet four wheels and a muffler where involved as well. Useless story without information.

  • mgallen2 Nov 23, 2011

    Not related to this person in any way, shape or form. Just trying to help you overcome your ignorance about proper journalism. Regardless of whether he was killed or not, they are not going to release this personal information until after the initial investigation is complete.
    "that's something that the both of you do is drink and drive"...again more ignorance and inane comments on your part. You probably shouldn't go around accusing people of drunk driving just because you got offended that I put you in your place.

  • tlwilliams1237 Nov 23, 2011

    @mgallen2 excuse me but i understand about contacting the immediate family but who mentitoned anything about this person being killed...Now i understand if the driver was killed etc...but he wasnt he was under the influence (maybe)... There's a big difference, and I would want them to honor that as well if the person lost his life but he didn't apparently this must be a friend of yours and that's something that the both of you do is drink and drive...NOw You have a Blessed Thanksgiving and don't drink and drive.....BOOM!!!!

  • kikinc Nov 23, 2011

    twilliams-If you read the article, it sates that the names wasn't released. How is WRAL supposed to report a name if they haven't been given one?

  • mgallen2 Nov 23, 2011

    @tlwilliams...did you stop to think that surrounding home owners or businesses that randomly lost power might want to know why? Law enforcement isn't going to release information related to the driver until they contact his immediate family. If WRAL were to release his name prematurely, they would be exercising poor journalism ethics as they would risk this young man's family learning about this accident over the internet. Use your brain.

  • tlwilliams1237 Nov 23, 2011

    It is so funny how WRAL can post that alcohol was suspected to be a factor but too lazy to release the name of the driver what kind of mess is that..If you are not gonna post the name then don't post the information at all until you are ready to release all the gathered information.....

  • braddavis Nov 23, 2011

    Trying calling him maybe? Just sayin

  • Luv2Camp Nov 23, 2011

    Does anyone know what kind of car was involved???? I am wondering about my 20-year old NCSU student.